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Videos by American Songwriter

In our latest Twitterview, Black Crowes guitarist and solo artist Rich Robinson, who just put out his second album Through A Crooked Sun,  answered your questions about he stays inspired, open tunings and feeling vulnerable as a songwriter. Read the full interview below, and check out more of our Twitterviews with Rosanne Cash, Jason Isbell John Oates and Frankie Ballard.

AmerSongwriter: Do you always have a meaning in mind when writing a new lyric, or do you ever just sing out random things & figure out what you’re saying later? @rileysmoore

RichSRobinson: Sometimes I have a concept in mind before I write the lyrics; other times I let the melody inspire me first…

AmerSongwriter: Was the process of writing/recording Through a Crooked Sun easier/harder than Paper? BTW I absolutely love All Along the Way. – @MuzikFreak70

RichSRobinson: I felt I was much more at ease, which in turn makes the creative process flow more easily.

AmerSongwriter: Are you still using primarily open G tunings on the new album? – @brlukosk

RichSRobinson: Actually there are only a couple of open G’s on the record. There are some standard, open E, open C, Drop D.

AmerSongwriter: Is there a mood or feeling that you associate with each tuning that causes you to lean gravitate towards it when writing? – @steveonsound

RichSRobinson: I can’t put a specific feeling to a specific tuning, but… the sound of the strings & the way they resonate do invoke feelings.

AmerSongwriter: How do you stay inspired with your music and art, do they ever mesh together? Love from your Venezuelan fan. – @adriladyluck

RichSRobinson: I play & write when I want to instead of forcing myself… So every time it’s true. That keeps me inspired.

AmerSongwriter: In your song, “It’s Not Easy”, what message were you trying to voice with such profound lyrics? – @clorangetn

RichSRobinson: It’s about our increasingly consumer driven society. There’s a whole world outside filled with love and humanity… that is obscured by our fixation on buying useless things and throwing them away.

AmerSongwriter: What is your favorite cover song to play?  The set lists for the tour are already mixing it up a lot but I wonder if you have a favorite cover? – @stareitcold

RichSRobinson: It changes, but for this tour I’m really liking this Procol Harum song “Outside The Gates of Cerdes”

AmerSongwriter: Your songs are so true to your personal life. Do you feel a vulnerability as you release them, and is that vulnerability freeing or scary? – @SarahNewman12

RichSRobinson: It sometimes feels vulnerable, but it’s also liberating to get these lyrics & feelings out.

RichSRobinson: Thanks @AmerSongwriter & to all those who wrote with questions! Come see me on the road to ask anything else in person:

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