Fans Ready to “Fight for Them Tickets” as Rihanna Teases New Music and Tour

Celebrating 20 years in the music industry, Rihanna continues to expand her reach as an artist, selling over 250 million records worldwide. Looking past all her accolades, the singer has a net worth of over $1.4 billion. Even her 2023 Super Bowl halftime show set records as it was the most-watched in history. While solidifying herself as an icon in music, her last album was released back in 2016. With fans anxiously waiting for her to release new music, the singer recently hinted at what might be on the horizon for her. 

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For those hoping for new music, it appears Rihanna is planning for more than just an album as she hinted at a full-blown tour. She discussed her plans with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “Well we’re always gonna go back on tour. [But] I feel I want to do a tour when there’s new music. We already know what that’s gonna be, with the songs that I’ve performed on my last tour. That was a long time ago.” 

Not wanting to disappoint her fans, Rihanna added how she wanted everything to be right before taking the stage once again. “I feel like it’s only fair that my fans get what they’ve been waiting on, which is new music. After that, let’s just like, blow everything up.”

Talks of Rihanna touring has social media buzzing. “We’re so ready for this,” one fan tweeted. Another fan acknowledged how difficult tickets will likely be to come by, commenting “The way we gon FIGHT for them tickets,” on X.

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Rihanna Just Wants To Have Fun

While Rihanna considered her last album Anti to be one of her best pieces of work to date, she noted how being a perfectionist has caused her to hesitate when wanting to release new material. “I realized that if I keep waiting until this feels right and perfect and better, maybe it’s going to keep taking forever and maybe it’ll never come out and no, I’m not down to that. So I want to play. And by play, I mean I have my ideas in my head, but I can’t say them out loud yet.” 

Back in February, Rihanna once again hinted at a new album coming soon with British Vogue. At the time, she called for a 2023 release, but that seems highly unlikely now. She said, “I want it to be this year. Like, honestly, it’d be ridiculous if it’s not this year.” For those wondering why it is taking the star so long to produce new music, she admitted, “I just want to have fun. I just want to make music and make videos.”

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