Jelly Roll Reveals the Real Reason He Took a Break from Social Media and If He’ll Return

Some fans may have noticed that Jelly Roll hasn’t been as active on social media as he usually is. Last week, his wife Bunnie Xo revealed that he is taking a break from his socials. She said the decision came after he got fed up with people making disparaging comments about his weight.  However, that wasn’t the only reason he decided to step away.

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Last week, Jelly Roll sat down with Variety to talk about his Stagecoach Festival debut, his recently released Toby Keith cover featuring T-Pain, and more. During the discussion, he cleared the air about why he took a break from social media.

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Jelly Roll on the Real Reason He Got Off of Social Media

The publication asked if he planned to come back to social media or if he was taking a permanent hiatus. “Oh man, I’m sure I’ll be back,” he said. “But right now I’m not thinking about anything but just how I’m gonna honor the TK Foundation and Toby’s family. And we’ve got bigger fish to fry,” he added.

For context, Jelly Roll and T-Pain teamed up for an Amazon-exclusive release of their cover of “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” by Toby Keith. All the proceeds from the song will go to the Toby Keith Foundation. Additionally, the pair was gearing up to perform the song at Stagecoach.

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“I probably shouldn’t elaborate on this because nobody on my team wants me to, but I don’t have a problem with social media,” Jelly Roll explained. “It wasn’t just the bullying that did it. It was not only the toxicity of social media, but the addiction of it,” he added. “I was becoming too busy to waste hours of my life scrolling.”

Jelly Roll went on to say that he has been away from social media for a few months. “I’ve never felt better or healthier mentally. Never felt more clearheaded,” he said. “I’ve also never had less of an idea what was going on in the world, but I tell you what, I’m definitely not coming back before the election.”

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