Ski Team Pleads To Listeners: “Don’t Give Up (Yet)”

“My music reflects that cycle of yearning that people feel in all parts of life: when to quit a job, when to move, when to get married, when to give up?” Lucie Lozinski said to American Songwriter via email. 

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Lozkinski is the brain behind the up-and-coming indie-folk project Ski Team. On July 17, she released a new single “Don’t Give Up (Yet),” in which Lozinski explores the aforementioned themes of yearning.

“I wrote this song because I hit a real low point after moving away from San Francisco and a new relationship there,” Lozinski said. “I had taken a job in Los Angeles, moved into this beach bungalow and agreed to try long-distance with this really sweet partner… but I ended up living like the grinch, alone on my ocean hill, freaking us both out. I wanted to hang on — and to have this person hang on with me — until I could get out of that funk, so we could at least give it a fair shake.”

Musically, “Don’t Give Up (Yet)” demonstrates a quasi-Americana sound, combining traditional folk and rock elements with undeniably modern soundscapes. Melodically, Lozinski’s voice effortlessly chugs out lines that ebb and flow over the tasteful arrangement. All of this, however, serves primarily to create a perfect atmosphere in which Lozinski can disclose the intimate message behind the song.

“Give a little leeway when someone’s deep in a funk, whether it’s from loss, uncertainty, loneliness or a less-obvious bout of anxiety or depression,” she said. “I think just about everyone in the world right now has good reason for the blues. Hang on. You might not be doing okay, or you might be with someone who’s not doing okay… but, hang on to your people, understand that their best selves might be out sick right now and trust that they’ll return when they can. Maybe don’t give up during the bad time.” For more info, visit: 

Listen to Ski Team’s “Don’t Give Up (Yet)” below:

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