So You Like Kris Allen, Do You?

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We here at American Songwriter are besieged with a number of requests — can you listen to my song? How do I get a publishing deal? Can you tell Alan Jackson I said hi? We met in 1983.

We try our best to help out when we can (Hey Alan Jackson, Debbie says hi). So when a certain group of passionate Kris Allen fans started blowing up our Twitter account requesting more coverage of their American Idol hero, we decided to play along. All music is good music, except when it isn’t.

So here’s Kris Allen, who wrote or co-wrote ten of the twelve songs on his debut album, and has a new record slated for this spring, covering Bob Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love” (note to the person who posted the video: it’s not actually a Garth Brooks song!)

Is this Kris Allen’s finest moment? You be the judge.

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