Alex Stern Unconditionally Owns Her Own Story on “Somebody”

Since she arrived in Music City in 2016, Alex Stern has wielded a sonic brand that is entirely her own. Drawing upon traditional country influences, the artist delivers relatable storylines with unmatched vocal strength and unabashed storytelling. She premieres a new single, “Somebody,” from her upcoming EP, ‘Witness’ today on American Songwriter.

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“‘Somebody’ is about unconditionally owning my story,” she shares, adding, “the ups and downs of chasing dreams and along the way finding the inspiration to keep going. Writing this song helped me remember why I fell in love with music in the first place. It’s seductive to pretend that everything’s perfect in our lives, but that’s not the truth, and this song represents embracing all of it.”

The single, co-written with Brian Donkers and produced by Phil Barnes, falls in thematic line with the intro single, “The Choice.” Released in April, the emotive track traces the difficult decision to end something that will ultimately be more painful.

 She sings, “All I ever wanted was for you to be my man / And I gave you the choice / And you chose to be a boy.”

The two tracks arrive at a similar mental space. Stern displays decisive reasoning, exposing all of the glittering imperfections of life’s circumstances. She ultimately chooses herself and her best interest even when it means letting go.

Hailing from Albuquerque, the artist’s move to Nashville was prompted by her admission into The GRAMMY Foundations’ GRAMMY Camp in high school. The opportunity exposed her to the industry from a young age, fueling her rapid growth as a musician.

In her teenage years, the aspiring singer-songwriter would travel across New Mexico, performing at talent shows and state fairs. Her authentic look was complete with archetypal Southwestern heirloom, her grandmother’s turquoise jewelry.

“Our whole family would pack into our minivan. I remember having the feeling when I changed into my cowboy boots in the backseat that I was unstoppable,” Alex recalls. “My family has supported me unconditionally from the start.”

After her cross-country move, Stern released her debut EP ‘Midnight Bandits’ featuring her breakout single “Runaways.” Building off of this momentum, she was selected to join the prestigious CMT Artist Discovery Program. Soon after, she shared the emphatic single “Fingers Crossed.” The song, accompanied by her debut music video, landed at the top of the CMT 12 Pack Countdown for three weeks in a row.

Each single Stern has rolled out since 2017’s “Anybody Almost,” is a piece of the puzzle in her coming-of-age tale she’s sharing with the world. The emerging artist strikes a perfect balance between strength and acceptance of imperfection in the cohesive, highly anticipated EP. ‘Witness’ exhibits her characteristic candidness, forging through sonic bounds while paying tribute to her greatest influences with classic construction.

“Some people won’t understand me, and that’s okay,” she says firmly. Her attitude toward her music encapsulates the untamed spirit of the Southwest. “I want to own my story, let myself be seen out in the open, free to run like a wild horse, unconfined.”

 Take an exclusive listen to “Somebody” below. Look out for the rest of the collection from Alex Stern later this year.

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