Song Premiere: David Bronson, “Living in Name”

David Bronson
When David Bronson wants to reflect on the last 10 years, he doesn’t have to do more than listen to his upcoming release The Long Lost. It’s his own musical time capsule, comprised of autobiographical songs that tell tales of the hardest period of his life.

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“Living in Name” is Bronson’s preview of those tales. “The song has a message that encapsulates the symbolic core of the project and that’s why I’ve chosen it as the first song released from The Long Lost,” he says.

The track gets straight to the point. No fancy auditory bells and whistles required – “Living in Name bears nothing but the essentials. “‘Living in Name’ is that one instance in which I stripped away everything that I could,” says Bronson.

Though “Living in Name” goes back to basics, Bronson can’t say the same for the rest of the album. “Most of the The Long Lost project is intentionally filled with densely layered personal meaning, from the imagery in the lyrics to the chord sequences, arrangements, and sound choices.”

Check out “Living in Name below.

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