Song Premiere: Katie Buchanan, “Go”

Katie Buchanan Press 1 Crop
The Artist: Katie Buchanan
The Song: “Go,” from her upcoming EP
Fun Fact: Buchanan produced the EP herself, and used everyday household items for percussion.
Songwriter Says: ​​”I’m one of those songwriters who writes to understand things, rather than to make myself feel better. I’m more interested in single moments, in crawling inside them to figure out why they happen, what they mean, and where they go from here. Go’ was born inside the moment I realized a lifelong friendship had become horribly toxic. So it’s not so much about leaving as it is figuring out that you need to. It’s about finding the power in that. It’s sort of the emotional thesis of the EP, everything else attacks the word “go” from a more rational angle. But here it’s all about creating the space to let that moment of clarity settle before the fallout begins.”

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