Song Premiere: Mike Marlin, “The Murderer”

Mike Marlin

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With a voice that mixes the high-brow drama of David Bowie with the creepy sneer of Nick Cave, Mike Marlin writes the sort of nocturnal tunes that belong in haunted houses and dark, dank basement bars. He keeps things appropriately eerie on “The Murderer,” the first track from his upcoming album,  Grand Reveal.

“Time is the one thing none of us has,” Marlin tells us, “but we waste so much of it. Once I had the metronomic guitar riff, I knew the song had to be about that. We spent two days in the studio recording wind-up toys, operatic backing vocals, over the top strings and anything else we could lay our hands on. We ended up with a madcap three minutes that sounds to me like a soundtrack to a film that Tim Burton hasn’t made yet. I don’t think it was time wasted!”

We don’t think so, either. Catch Mike Marlin on his upcoming tour with the Stranglers, and look for Grand Reveal on May 28th.

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