Richmond’s Spacebomb Records Signs Pop-Rock Artist Angelica Garcia

Photo by Caitlyn Krone

On Wednesday, it was announced that Richmond, Virginia label Spacebomb Records signed Angelica Garcia, a Latinx artist who hails from Los Angeles. 

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In tandem with the announcement, Garcia released her first single for Spacebomb. “It Don’t Hinder Me” is an anthem that honors her Salvadoran and Mexican heritage, with Garcia counterbalancing her personal revelations with a biting rock and pop sound. 

Garcia describes “It Don’t Hinder Me” as “a song about being proud of where I come from. I went to a magnet school that united different sectors of Los Angeles County, everything from Pasadena to West LA to El Monte and more inland. The school mixed kids from different backgrounds. Back then I often saw myself as not being cool like the kids of screenwriters and stars. This song rebukes the idea that you have to come from glamour or money to be cool. My ‘beautiful’ & ‘cool’ version of LA is the immigrant household of my grandparents.”

Listen to “It Don’t Hinder Me” below.

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