Stanford Jazz Workshop Welcomes Musicians and Songwriters


Stanford Jazz Workshop, a nonprofit organization dedicated to jazz education and appreciation, is now open for enrollment in their 40th annual Jazz Residency program, July 29 to August 3, 2012. The residency is for adults, and gives emerging professionals a chance to learn from jazz legends. Participants under 18 may audition in advance to attend as well.

On the campus of Stanford University, SJW brings top performers and educators together with students and enthusiasts in a lively and supportive community. Musicians of varying skill levels can pass on their experience, share techniques, and jam together for fun.

Participants can tailor their classes and activities to their specific needs, and can join a combo of musicians with similar skill levels, in order to practice the theory and improv techniques they learn during the day.

Or, residents can join the Songwriting Program. Singers and instrumentalists focus on lyrics, melody, arrangement, and presenting their originals in popular song forms. They’ll perform their originals for each other and for the instructors, then for a special public performance on the Stanford campus.

The Stanford Jazz Residency welcomes musicians who have little or no experience playing jazz or playing in a small combo, provided they have studied their instrument for at least 18 months. Beginning students can build a solid foundation in jazz improvisation, and intermediate and advanced musicians can challenge themselves with more intensive ensembles and styles.

For more information, e-mail or call 650-736-0324 ext. 303.

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