Stephanie Mae Extracts A Love Potion on “You Got Me”

There’s something about Stephanie Mae. Fans worldwide have already connected to her love-strewn lyrics. There’s the story of the couple in Washington State that decided not to break up and are now raising a 3-year-old son. In Australia, another couple walked down the aisle to Mae’s entrenching tale of love, “Safe & Sound.”

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Now, more love oozes out of new single “You Got Me,” a delicate story of obvious amore and its comforting effect.

“I’m looking forward to sharing a song with whimsy, magic, love, and playfulness into the world, because I feel like that’s what it needs right now,” Mae tells American Songwriter.

Before writing this song, Mae says her heart and gut were swimming with emotion. “Usually, in moments like this, I sit at the piano to write a song,” she says. “I’m not sure what to write about, so I just start writing something. The words just fall out. I look at the clock.” Sometimes, it’s 11:05pm, and the whole day drifted by.

The Seattle-based Mae literally wrote “You Got Me” in five minutes. “I get up and walk around and wonder, ‘where did that song come from?’” says Mae. “A jolt, a wave of nausea mixed with panic mixed with delight floods over me.”

Mae, a former biochemical engineer student, is recording her EP, which she plans to release in Fall 2020. She’s already opened for bands like Yeasayer, Hey Ocean!, and the Belle Game, but right now, she’s focused on love with “You Got Me.” After all, it’s most comforting during these tumultuous times.

“I’m proud of how this song perfectly captures that magical moment of being happily in love,” says Mae. “I’ve noticed people connect with it if they are feeling the same way.”

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