Stevie Nicks Calls for Gun Control and ‘Empathy’ Following Uvalde Elementary School Shooting

Stevie Nicks joined in with the mass of people calling for increased gun control after yet another school shooting. The Fleetwood Mac singer took to Twitter yesterday (June 1) with a call to action, in light of the Uvalde Elementary School Shooting that killed 19 children and 2 adults.

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“My hope for this country is that the lawmakers just find a way to make buying an assault rifle ~ more difficult,” Nicks wrote. “There is just no reason to have a gun that would disintegrate a deer~ or a small animal, if you are, indeed, an honorable hunter. When those guns go into the hands of obviously disturbed people, it gives them a sense of unbelievable power that they have never felt before. Power, used in a bad way, is the opposite of ‘power’ used in a good way. Once people have felt the power of those guns, they are never the same. They are addicted. And then there is no turning back.”

She then urged lawmakers to increase the barrier to obtaining a gun saying, “No one is trying to take away guns from people who get them for a good reason. Guns are not toys. Background checks are not that hard.”

She closed out her message by mourning the lives lost at Robb Elementary school, saying she was “dying inside” for the victims and their families.

“So, I ask you; do you want to go down in the history books as being responsible for these school shootings that will inevitably continue, or do you want to be remembered as the people who finally gathered together in unity and empathy ~ as the people who stopped it,” she wrote.

“My father’s favorite saying to me was, ‘Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do~ and sometimes the right thing to do ~ is the hardest thing to do,’” she added. “And then he would say~ Be brave, Stevie, always. Do the right thing. Never compromise your beliefs. If I had gone to school one day when I was ten~ and been shot; my little body destroyed, I think my father would have done the same thing that that lovely teacher’s husband did. Gone home, sat down in a chair~ and died… of a broken heart.”

Read her full statement below.

The massacre in Uvalde on May 24 came just 10 days after a heavily armed 18-year-old white supremacist opened fire and killed 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

On the same day as Nicks’ post, multiple people were shot and killed on a hospital campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Authorities responded to a call about a man who was armed with a rifle at the Natalie Medical Building, according to a report from CNN.

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