Tenille Townes Talks New Single, Touring & More on ‘The Zak Kuhn Show’

Rising country artist Tenille Townes joins The Zak Kuhn Show to talk about her new single, one-year album anniversary, singing with Shania Twain, and more. 

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As an artist, Townes’ discography is minimal, but her reputation has rocketed skywards in recent months. As to how she got her start, the Canadian artist’s story sounds a lot like fate. In the podcast, Townes tells the story about attending a Shania Twain concert in Edmonton to describe how she caught the performance bug. Townes then explains how she was pulled up on stage and had the chance to sing with the country legend. From there, the rest was history. 

“I had a costume that looked like her Miami concert DVD that I’d watched 5 million times and I had a sign that I made with glitter and Sharpies that said, ‘Can I please sing with you?’ She fluidly picked me out of this 18,000 person crowd and she brought me up on stage and I was like, ‘This is it. This is what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life. There’s just no questions about it,’” Townes tells Kuhn.  

That incredible moment with Twain was not only a catalyst for her future career but also fueled part of the inspiration for her newest single “Girl Who Didn’t Care.”

“Before walking into the concert I told my mom, ‘I’m gonna sing with Shania tonight.’ I knew,” Townes recalls. “And I love that part of the younger versions of ourselves who just have zero issues with believing in anything. I think that’s so beautiful. So thinking about that nine-year-old kid was very much a part of the fabric of the song.”

Although the song is about a sense of longing for that carefree childlike mentality, Townes explains that what she does care about is paying serious attention to her craft. 

“I have lots of friends who just care so much about it and thinking about the history of music, in general, is so fascinating to me. Thinking that the stuff that we’re working on now is potentially a fabric and a part of putting bricks on that road and it’s such an honor. I definitely consider that something really important. I want to steward it well, you know? And I think the people that I’m around feel the same way, which I’m really grateful for,” Townes says.

Her deep love and commitment to her craft have already reaped successes for the singer/songwriter. She recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of her breakout album The Lemonade Stand and is now talking about future plans to tour with country duo Brothers Osborne. 

For the rest of the conversation with Tenille Townes, check out The Zak Kuhn Show here.

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