Country Band BEXAR Discuss Upcoming EP on ‘Zak Kuhn Show’

Country band BEXAR (pronounced “bear”), comprised of lead vocalist Chris Ryan and banjo-maestro Logan Turner, join the latest episode of The Zak Kuhn Show. On the show, they play a few songs, talk about their newest music, while also spilling the details for their upcoming tour with Keith Urban. 

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Before the conversation starts, BEXAR play an exclusive performance of their latest song, “Key to Life,” which was released alongside an all-new music video. Ryan explains that it wasn’t easy to think of a visual concept that fit the message of the song. 

“I think it was just a matter of figuring out how we could incorporate these little vignettes about ‘What are these little things in life that really matter?’ The song is just about that, the simple things in life that can make you happy, we’re usually chasing some other thing,” Ryan tells Kuhn. “So we got our heads together, came up with this simple idea and then we took it to the label. Then they went out and got a wonderful person, Quintin Cook [director], who just absolutely crushed our small vision.”

The “simple idea” follows Ryan and Turner as they walk through the halls of a storage unit, stopping occasionally in one of the units to play poker or to jam out under a stairwell. The video is carefree and memorable, just like BEXAR

“Key to Life” is just one of six tracks off of their upcoming EP, Pronounced BEAR, which is set to release through Warner Music Nashville on September 3. The EP, which boasts collaborations from producers like Luke Laird and Ross Copperman, is contemporary country at its finest. 

“I think [the producers] each have their own sonic palette,” Turner explains. “I think that that’s what makes each song kind of individual and special, like Luke did ‘Key to Life’ and Ross did the rest, but I think that that’s what’s so cool about all the producers in this town is that they’re all so talented and so unique. They each have their own kind of sonic thumbprint that they can put on the song and it’s just unique to them.” 

Regarding what’s next for the group, Turner is grateful as they gear up to open up a slew of dates for Keith Urban. “You can’t even script a story better than this,” Turner says, “of just how we both kind of got to town, and then the balls just been rolling.”

Throughout the rest of the episode, the group shares more of what makes their upcoming record special. The band also discuss how they were able to find their footing in Nashville and what preparing to open up for Keith Urban looks like. 

Tune in to The Zak Kuhn Show for an exclusive performance of their unreleased song, “Battle Scar,” as a teaser of what’s in store in the future. 

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