The 20 Best Dua Lipa Quotes—”I Can’t Dance, if I try, I’ll Trip on Stage”

Even though it’s a bit of a unique one, the name Dua Lipa is a household moniker today. In recent years, the 28-year-old artist has become well-known around the globe thanks to songs like “New Rules,” which has garnered billions of streams.

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The London-born Albanian artist is now one of the biggest names in pop music and her legions of fans may wonder about her thoughts on life, her craft, her career, love, and more. To find out the answers to those questions, we’ve gathered the 20 Best Dua Lipa quotes below.

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1. “I’m learning to accept myself. I’m still in the process of learning to love who I am. And it’s been really refreshing and really nice to be able to do that and be okay. I think my fans have brought that out in me.”

2. “I always told myself never to have a plan B—I feel like that’s also one of the reasons I’m doing what I’m doing now because I just never really rested until I got here.”

3. “If I wasn’t a singer, I would be a fairy princess.”

4. “Every time you achieve something, you want to go after what’s next. I’d like to see my own shows grow and someday be a headliner, fill up stadiums.”

5. “Traveling is the worst for skin, and it shows instantly. Once you’re working non-stop, you can instantly see it.”

6. “I can’t dance. If I try, I’ll trip onstage.”

7. “I like how powerful fashion makes me feel. I live for that grungy-prissy juxtaposition that Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Drew Barrymore wore in the ’90s.”

8. “I started posting covers online and having this crazy determination about what I wanted to do and just went for it. I was like, ‘Okay, no one else can create my future for me, and no one can get what I want for me, so I have to go out and get it myself.'”

9. “I think the artists are really the face of the music they make. It’s no longer the genre that dictates it.”

10. “I still take a lot of pride in being able to write my own songs. My story’s coming from me.”

11. “It’s challenging to open for someone: You’ve got to prep the audience, get them in the mood, and get their attention if they don’t know you. You’re going to show them what songs you’ve got. You’ve got to leave your mark.”

12. “I was 11 and living in Kosovo. I knew I wanted to perform but didn’t feel like I could do it there. So I moved back to London on my own at 15, carried on going to school, and started posting cover songs online. I had no idea how I was going to become a performer, but I felt like I had so many more opportunities being in London.”

13. “I’ve always been very much in control of my music and my image, and I think one of the things I’ve been lucky about is I didn’t bring a label on board until I really figured out who I was.”

14. “My goal is to get my music out to as many people as possible. That a song of mine is being played on the radio so far away from home really, really pushes me. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of.”

15. “My parents never pushed me towards music. I feel like, growing up in a musical household and always being surrounded by it, I was always kind of a performer child. I remember my parents would have guests over, and they would bring their kids, and I would make sure that we were ready to put a show on.”

16. “I spend a lot of time in bed when I’m off. But if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll go to a gallery.”

17. “When I think of artists I love, like J. Cole, it’s the storytelling that grabs me. I want to be honest with my music.”

18. “For a male artist, people instantly assume they write their own music, but for women, they assume it’s all manufactured.”

19. “I always wanted the flowiness that hip-hop artists had. I always admired how they rapped so fast, but I never wanted to rap; I wanted to sing the rap.”

20. “I never really wanted to base success on charts and chart positioning. For me, it’s really about the shows and seeing them grow.”

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