What Are the Chances Taylor Swift Will Play the Super Bowl?

It’s no secret Taylor Swift is dating NFL all-pro tight end Travis Kelce. If you turn on a game in which Kelce is playing, there’s Swift often jumping with glee for her hulking beau.

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Yes, Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs (Kelce’s recent Super Bowl-winning team) and the NFL at large are getting pretty cozy. Which begs the question—what are the chances Swift will play the Super Bowl? Thinking about the music Swift has to offer and the number of eyeballs the NFL’s signature game garners, will the two intersect?

This Season

This season, the Super Bowl halftime show is set to feature the smooth-singing Usher. But does that mean Swift won’t show up in some capacity? Either as a breakout guest feature amidst Usher’s set (assuming he was willing) or as an opener, a closer, or even the national anthem singer?

Swift, of course, is a brilliant businesswoman. Her recent The Eras Tour brought in well over $1 billion, just this summer. So, using that savvy, maybe Swift comes to the conclusion that the halftime show is passe, taboo. Maybe she will invent some other musical partnership altogether?

Or maybe, with her boyfriend looking on (the Chiefs may even play in the game, they’re that good again this year), perhaps Swift will break the internet, singing closely with the heart-racing pop star heartthrob that is Usher. Opportunities abound.


Right now there are sports books in Las Vegas offering bettors the opportunity to wager on whether Swift will play the Super Bowl, perform in Kansas City at the Chiefs’ famed Arrowhead Stadium, and even whether or not Kelce will join her. Some of those bets at the time of this writing include:

  • Taylor Swift to perform concert at Arrowhead Stadium in 2024: +100 or 50%
  • Travis Kelce to appear on stage at Taylor Swift Wembley concerts 2024: +150 or 40%
  • To perform a duet at Super Bowl 2024: +500 or 16.7%
  • Taylor Swift to lead Chiefs onto field at Super Bowl 2024: +600 or 14.3%
  • To have a US number one duet in 2023/2024: +700 or 12.5%
  • To have a UK number one duet in 2023/2024: +1000 or 9.1%
  • To win a Grammy as a duet in 2024: +1400 or 6.7%


If we had to guess, we’d say Swift won’t hop on stage for or with the NFL anytime soon. Why? She doesn’t have to. She is getting immense publicity without plucking a single string. And it’s not like she’s starved for gigs. She just finished a North American tour and she has a European one slated soon with more U.S. dates next year.

Maybe she’ll go for a Super Bowl commercial. Or maybe she will jump in the announcing booth and talk about her and Kelce’s plans for retirement. Whatever she decides it will likely be a great business decision.

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

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