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The 36-year-old Los Angeles-born pop star Kesha is nobody’s shrinking violet. The artist, who recently released her newest LP, Gag Order, this year is both one of the most brash songwriters out there as well as one of the most heartfelt, even to the point of sentimentality.

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The two-time Grammy-nominated Kesha has gone through a lot, including a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. With so much history, experience, success, and captivating work, one might wonder what Kesha has to say about the world.

Similar to her attention-grabbing music, this list of quotes is anything but boring. To find out what the pop star has to say about subjects such as roadkill, creepy dudes, and glitter, read the 20 best Kesha quotes below.

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1. “I know that I can sing. That’s the reason I started playing music when I was twelve years old.”

2. “Of course there are certain things that get to me, but I try and lead by example and show people that, especially with haters, that you should just ignore them.”

3. “I love creepy old dudes. I love that they have so much self-confidence, despite having no evidence whatsoever to back it up.”

4. “I played saxophone and trumpet. Pretty nerdy.”

5. “I’m writing constantly about all my crazy experiences across the world, so I have a lot of music I’ve already written.”

6. “I am so not a proper, good female. I can’t dance in high heels and I’m just so not girly, but then I see these men with these banging bodies, dancing in heels, singing, and having so much fun with so much make-up on. That makes me honestly want to be a better woman.”

7. “I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance. If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing.”

8. “I could party in a cardboard box with people who are funny and don’t care. For me, it’s really about who I surround myself with, so I just try to always be with hilarious people.”

9. “I don’t want young people to think they can’t make a difference because they don’t have money.”

10. “What I’m bringing to the pop table is that I’m not pretentious.”

11. “I’m over dudes trying to look like they’re in boy bands.”

12. “When you’re around me, you’re going to get glitter on you.”

13. “One fan sent me one tooth, so I made a necklace out of it. But then I found a bunch of my baby teeth, and started realizing I would love to wear a piece of my fans’ bodies on me.”

14. “I think people should give in to what they feel like doing at the time and be a raw animal.”

15. “I do destroy men on a weekly basis. It’s like a hobby. I’m like a praying mantis.”

16. “A friend of mine has a big farm in the desert, and she picks up feathers and roadkill for me, then makes it into clothes. I think it’s cool to wear roadkill. If I died and somebody wanted to wear my teeth around their neck to VMAs, I’d feel honored.”

17. “I try to get in quiet time and book time, but really, the only time I ever get that is when I’m on an airplane—I have a fear of flying, but I actually love flying because it’s the only time I can sleep, and it’s the only time I get to read.”

18. “Just because I’m sassy and have a mouth on me doesn’t mean I’m coming from a negative place.”

19. “I don’t really plan what comes out of my mouth, and that’s what makes most of my lyrics entertaining.”

20. “My mother taught me how to write.”

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