Travis and Jason Kelce’s ‘Fairytale of Philadephia’ Hits Top 10 on iTunes— Is There a Duet With Taylor in the Future?

No one can accuse Travis and Jason Kelce of being one-trick ponies. The brothers may be better known for their antics in the NFL stadiums (and for Travis’ high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift). However, the brothers also showed they have a talent for singing with their song “Fairytale of Philadelphia” hitting the Top 10 on iTunes.

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A Christmas Celebration for the Kelce Brothers

The song features on Jason’s album A Philly Special Christmas. It’s actually Jason’s second Christmas album that he created with fellow Philadelphia Eagles teammates Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson. Previously, The Philly Specials released A Philly Special Christmas in 2022.

Jason’s gruff vocals pair with Travis’s bar ballad forming a song that’s perfect for fans of the brothers, football, Philadelphia, and just brotherhood in general.

When it came time to record “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” production for the album suggested bringing in Travis for a guest spot on the song. In a behind-the-scenes video, Jason said, “They think this would do really well if this was actually you and Travis.”

Jason called up his brother to see if he would be down to sing on the album, and Travis didn’t hesitate to lend his vocals to the song. The theme of “Fairytale of Philadelphia” focuses on brotherhood and sibling rivalry. That’s something that both have in spades with Travis’s Kansas City Chiefs playing Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles in the last Super Bowl.

Jason pitched the song to his brother as “It’s like two people fighting but then they really love each other.”

Is There a Taylor Swift Duet in Travis’s Future?

In response to the song’s success, Jason was overjoyed by the positive reaction to the song. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), he wrote, “This is incredibly humbling, thank you to all for supporting!!”

Meanwhile, those hoping for a future collaboration between Travis and Taylor Swift should probably hold their breath. It’s unlikely that he will be hitting the stage any time soon for a duet. While talking on a podcast (via People), Travis admitted he still hadn’t listened to the song before its release. He said, “Dude, I do not want to hear myself sing like that. I’ve got more of the rock voice.”

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