The 22 Top Dave Matthews (Band) Songs

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Okay, stick with me. This is a place for Dave Matthews Band fans (er, fiends?). Ever since the early ’90s, Matthews and his band of traveling musicians have enjoyed a large following. From the college students at UVA, the university closest to where he used to bartend in Charlottesville, to giant swaths of concert goers all over the world today, the Dave Matthews Band has surely made a mark on the music landscape.

For the rubbery-voiced songwriter born in South Africa and raised in New York and Virginia, live performance has always been key to his success. Indeed, Matthews is one of the biggest grossing live performers in history, from his stripped-down work with Tim Reynolds to his full band stuff. So, we’ll include a mix of both live and studio cuts here.

But on a personal note, the band is also the first that opened my eyes to music and its vast possibilities when I was around 12 years old in 1995. I have a lot to thank DMB for and so we will abide by no slander here for the popular and at-times-polarizing group (please and thank you). So, without further ado, here are the Dave Matthews Band’s Top 22 Songs.

22. “Minarets”

21. “Christmas Song”

20. “The Song That Jane Likes”

19. “Sing Along” with Blue Man Group

18. “Out Of My Hands”

17. “Some Devil”

16. “Stay Or Leave”

15. “Big Eyed Fish”

14. “What Would You Say”

13. “Spoon” performed with Brandi Carlile; originally recorded with Alanis Morissette

12. “The Stone”

11. “Corn Bread”

10. “Gravedigger” with Tim Reynolds

9. “Two Step”

8. “Watchtower”

7. “Halloween”

6. “Ants Marching”

5. “Say Goodbye” with Tim Reynolds

4. “Granny”

3. “Dancing Nancies” into “Warehouse”

2. “#41”

1. “Crash”

Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall Of Fame

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