The 33 Best Chris Martin Quotes

Chris Martin is the stylish frontman for the infinitely popular United Kingdom-born band Coldplay.

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He’s unleashed acclaimed songs into the world like “Viva La Vida,” “The Scientist” and “Clocks,” among many more. He’s even been featured on big rap songs from Kanye West and Jay Z.

The 45-year-old English-born artist is a legend and his story is still being written.

But what might Martin have to say about life and the world at large beyond the songs he sings? That is the subject of today’s inquiry.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 33 best Chris Martin quotes, shall we?

1. “What makes us a bit nervous is, in this instant age, to release something that might take more than one listen. Where everything is instantly judged on YouTube or something! It’s a bit like releasing a horse and cart on a racetrack.”

2. “Anything that we think is incredible and beautiful and wonderful, we ascribe to something that we don’t know what it is.”

3. “Maybe it’s because I’m English, but in terms of how people perceive us I only pick up on the negative side of it.”

4. “I’m competitive with anyone who writes a good song—I don’t care if it’s a band or solo artist or whoever.

5. “I had a couple of years in the mid-2000s where it was really confusing to me. I was like, ‘Why is our band sometimes a punch line?'”

6. “You have two years to make a record and do what you like to it; then, you have 10 minutes to do an interview that could mess it all up. It’s the Crispian Mills Syndrome.

7. “People who write happy songs are often unhappy.”

8. “I genuinely love Oasis, and I also genuinely love Beyonce. My body gets the same pleasure. If you like different types of music, it’s OK to say it.”

9. “For people who write songs, it’s a gift you’re given. You become good at the craft, but you’re given the gift.”

10. “Rihanna’s voice is just delicious for your ear. Sinatra had the same thing; anything he sang sounded pleasing to most people.”

11. “I give complete respect to any couple that stays together, however they do it, whether they do it by going on red carpets or going hiking together, you know, or keeping themselves really quiet and trying to stay out of all that press stuff.”

12. “When I’m with my kids, I feel like that’s really me. And when we’re on stage, I feel that, too.”

13. “There’s a part of me that wishes no one knew anything about me, but it’s just not realistic.”

14. “Once a week, I don’t eat for 24 or 30 hours. Your brain becomes very lucid about ideas. It also made me so grateful for food and for life, basically, and that’s why a lot more joy is coming through our music, I think.

15. “I’m not a great dancer. I’m a great advertisement for freedom of expression. I don’t care what you think. I’m having a great time.”

16. “Some people misconstrue our band just to be a commercial venture.”

17. “It’s difficult when you’re successful, to admit that you need help.”

18. “You gotta wear the right trousers if you’re gonna be a rock star.”

19. “More idiots should just shut their mouths.

20. “My philosophy at the moment is that I’m great—and so is everybody else. You have to fit your own oxygen mask. That’s really my philosophy now—our band is the best band in the world. And so are all the other bands.”

21. “Record sales don’t really mean anything. For us, the pressure is imagining some 15-year-old kid in Cincinnati who buys our album and doesn’t feel like he wasted his pocket money.”

22. “A band’s only unique thing is its chemistry, especially if none of you are prodigious players or particularly handsome. The one thing you have is your uniqueness, so we hold on to that.

23. “Celebrity culture has gone crazy, and I think the reason is that real news is just not bearable, and it also seems impossible to change anything.”

24. “I know I am in a band that is famous, and my private life is famous. I get it, and it’s fine. Even when I grew up in a village, people wanted to know who was going to the dance with whom, and I understand, but I think if I engage with it too much, it won’t be that healthy.”

25. “Even though the album is an endangered species, can we try and make a coherent and good one, even if it’s like making a horse and cart at a Nascar conference?”

26. “Somebody rang me up the other day and said ‘Yellow’ was on a karaoke machine. That made me genuinely excited. It’s got a nice beat.”

27. “Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you don’t think about until there’s a problem.”

28. “Music comes from a place we don’t know.”

29. “Although it’s painful at the time, most of the things that people have said about us negatively—some of them are true and you can work on them, and the ones that you don’t agree with, you don’t work on.”

30. “The goal is to try and make the perfect song. Which of course will never happen.”

31. “To be totally honest with you, I’m so happy to be alive every day.’

32. “I do an hour’s yoga and go running every day. Then I see a picture of myself and I still look like a skinny, potbellied idiot—and I thought I had turned into this super hunk!”

33. “If you don’t let love in, then you can’t really give it back.”

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