The Natural Lines Announce Debut Album, Share Single and Video Featuring Comedian Nikki Glaser

Indie-rockers The Natural Lines are arriving in style, kicking off the news of their debut album with a new single and a music video that features actor-comedian-TV personality Nikki Glaser.

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Titled “Monotony,” the song is a perfect introduction to the band and their upcoming self-titled release. Delicate, reflective, and relatable, the song is poignant and piercing.

“Over the last few years, I’ve tried to focus on my breathing—to try and be a better singer, to try and be a better person,” frontman Matt Pond, formerly of Matt Pond PA, said of the single in a statement. “But it’s hard to sit still and slow down when the world seems so unruly. ‘Monotony’ is an anthem about the daily tightrope—searching for the right path between passion and apathy.”

He continued of the song’s accompanying video, “All the while, I’ve been working with Nikki Glaser. Her fearlessness is contagious. Since she never hesitates to tell me what she really thinks, I thought it made perfect sense for Nikki to portray my therapist in the video.”

Watch Glaser play the tough, but lovable therapist, below.

As for The Natural Lines’ debut, the album features Pond’s longtime collaborator, multi-instrumentalist Chris Hansen, Pond’s partner Anya Marina, Hilary James (cello/vocals), Kyle Kelly-Yahner (drums), Louie Lino (keys), Sarah Hansen (horns), Sean Hansen (drums/bass), Kat Murphy (vocals), and 17-year-old singer MJ Murphy.

“It was something different from the start,” Pond described the project, his first since retiring the Matt Pond PA name earlier this year. “I wanted to write as purely as I could. Instead of getting stuck in the ‘tour, write an album, release an album, tour’ cycle, which is not a natural way of writing or living, I wanted to write an album and when it was done I wanted to make sure it was done. I didn’t want this feeling of, ‘Oh, we didn’t have time’, or, ‘I don’t know whether I believe in the songs but it’s coming out anyway.’ I used to be always racing to the finish line, but I’m not anymore.”

Following their 2022 EP, First Five, The Natural Lines is set for release next year on March 24.

Track List

1. “Monotony”
2. “No More Tragedies”
3. “HELP”
4. “Alex Bell’
5. “My Answer”
6. “Spontaneous Skylights 1”
7. “A Scene That Will Never Die”
8. “Person Of Interest”
9. “Don’t Come Down”
10. “Artificial Moonlight”
11. “Mahwah”

Photo credit: Jesse Dufault / Clarion Call Media

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