Okey Dokey Look for “The Right Fit” in Their Trippy New Video

Never underestimate the transportive, psychedelic power of a 1970s television set.

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Okey Dokey’s new video for the “The Right Fit”—premiering below—takes viewers on a trippy ride through one such TV set, which serves as a portal into another world.

“If the theme of ‘The Right Fit’ is finding your path to peace, the theme of the video would have to be oral traditions,” Okey Dokey’s Aaron Martin tells American Songwriter of the visual, directed by Casey Pierce. “Words have power and just uttering the right things with the right focus can help someone else locate their own way. Jeremy [Clark] is our third member and, as a way to introduce him to everyone, we chose to make him the main character of our video, the collector of the current. This is an introduction to all new members of who we are and where we’d like to be.”

Clark is the latest addition to the Nashville indie-pop outfit, which was formed in 2016 by Martin and Johny Fisher. Today the trio announces their new album, Once Upon One Time, with the release of “The Right Fit.”

“I can say safely that time has forgiven me and I may be right to carry on,” Martin sings in the track’s opening verse over glistening synths. “What does the Bad News have today? / It won’t find me if I’m out looking for the right fit. / The right fit. / And when your love is due you’ll want it to be fair.”

“There is always something negative chasing you,” says Martin of the song. “Life is a series of ups and downs and I think it’s easier to appreciate if you put a name to the lows sometimes. The Bad News is a raspy, creeper character that I love to hide in the background of our songs and this was the first time I let that person out of the bag.”

“What does the Bad News have for me? It won’t find me if I’m out looking for the right fit,” he continues. “I feel like if you are open to everything the world has to offer, but keep your eye on positive signs, the Bad News will have a harder time catching up to you. The right fit has no true form, it’s just out there somewhere.”

“The Right Fit” is Okey Dokey’s third single of 2020 following the melancholy “Better off Alone” and the jangly “Doublin’ Up.” Once Upon One Time comes after their 2017 debut, Love You, Mean It, and 2019’s Tell All Your Friend. Last year they also released Curio Cabinet I, featuring collaborations with the likes of Devon Gilfillian (“Feels Good”), Dent May (“Thick and Thin”), Arlie (“What Do I Got Left”), and others.
“The Right Fit” is out now. Once Upon One Time is out Oct. 23 via Park the Van Records.

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