The Time a Young Thomas Rhett Got Put in Time Out at Reba McEntire’s Halloween Party

The 2024 Voice finale was a star-studded event, and one of the many stars to perform on stage was country singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett. After the powerhouse performance, Rhett said “I love you” to Reba McEntire in a very sweet moment. It brings to mind Rhett’s relationship with Reba that started when he was just a wee thing years ago.

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Thomas Rhett’s History with Reba

Thomas Rhett may have collaborated with Reba (and Chris Tomlin, Keith Urban, and Hillary Scott) for “Be A Light” back in 2020, but that was far from the two country stars’ first interaction with one another.

Rhett, whose full name is Thomas Rhett Akins Jr., is the son of country star Rhett Akins. He went on to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a musician himself, and he was exposed to the country music world from a very young age.

Rhett Akins opened for Reba’s tour almost three decades ago. He decided to bring Rhett along when he was just a little kid. Rhett said at the CMAs in 2024 that he’s “known Reba since [he] was five.” In fact, Rhett even attended a Halloween party hosted by Reba and got himself into a bit of trouble.

“Reba’s son, Shelby, I think we’re about the same age, and we were at their Halloween party one year,” Rhett said about the incident. “And I remember us racing back and forth to this barn, and I think I kept beating him in this race.”

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Reba’s son wasn’t thrilled about losing to Rhett, so he put Rhett “up against the wall.” Rhett went on to say that Reba came over to “snatch” her son off of Rhett. She then put the two children in time-out.

Luckily, Reba isn’t one to hold grudges with an ornery little kid. It appears that they both still have a very sweet friendship almost 30 years later.

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