Thutmose Thanks The Women On The Frontlines With “On The Run”

There’s a certain sense of surrealism that comes along with the casual usage of a term like “on the frontlines” in 2020. While the reality of what that means — COVID-19  casualties, ongoing protests, international strife — is clear, the full ramifications of the cultural moment remain a fuzzy mirage in the distance. Nevertheless, we find ourselves at a time of unprecedented connection with each other. Heroes from all walks of life are risking their safety in order to fight for necessary social change and to keep our social fabric together. This is something that R&B singer, Thutmose, addresses on his new song “On The Run.”

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“This song is paying homage to the tons of women out there who are on the frontlines everyday speaking up for what’s right,” Thutmose told American Songwriter. “They have every reason to be fearful in the world we live in but their courage inspires me every day and should inspire everyone.”

Musically, “On The Run” captures the energy and passion of the current moment. Between a swaggering drum loop, interweaving synth lines and Thutmose’s expressive vocal performance, the song’s innovative palette almost serves as a personification of the young generation of Americans who are taking to the streets. 

“There weren’t any nerves releasing this song,” Thutmose said. “It’s actually therapeutic because times like these heighten your emotions, so it feels amazing just using this as an outlet to express emotions a lot of us are feeling right now. From Oluwatoyin Salau to the three women who founded Black Lives Matter, this is for them.”

Listen to “On The Run” by Thutmose below:

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