Daily Discovery: Alisa Amador is Working on Her “Timing” in Cathartic New Single

Alisa Amador sings with the ease of someone who has been performing for the entirety of her life—and she nearly has. The singer/songwriter first took the stage at the age of five as a backup singer for her parents’ bilingual Latin folk band Sol y Canto. She later picked up the classical guitar, and then the electric guitar, to begin cultivating a sound that was uniquely hers. 

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Today (June 9), Amador is exclusively premiering her latest single, “Timing,” below. The track debuts ahead of her forthcoming album, Narratives, and represents how the richness of Amador’s musical journey has spilled over into other areas of her life.

“I wrote this song after meeting someone really special—I  knew that the connection was right, but I could sense that the timing wasn’t,” Amador tells American Songwriter. “It had happened with almost every relationship I had been in, and I was getting tired of that predicament. This song became a way of letting out my frustrations, processing the relationship, and ultimately a song for tuning back in: with my intuition and with my love for myself.”

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Thus, in this cathartic re-centering of self, Amador created a track that is both raw and refined. “It’s okay to feel feelings. It’s okay to be all over the place,” Amador said. “Here’s a song to groove out all the angst, and groove in all the self-love.”

Amador’s groove is built on relaxed jazz undertones and overt expressions of alternative folk, rock, and impassioned vocals. The artist credits her bandmates, Jacob Thompson and Noah Harrington, for pushing her to explore her collection of inspirations. “They inspire me to push my stylistic boundaries, to challenge myself as a guitarist, and to find the groove in every song, regardless of genre or tempo,” Amador said. 

Oftentimes when pushed to test her musical boundaries, Amador ends up writing tracks like “Timing” in a creative dream state. “Songwriting is often similar to a dream state for me —I struggle to remember the exact details of my songwriting process, I just know that I always strive to be as honest as possible,” Amador clarified. “Sometimes, it starts with a guitar line, and other times it starts with some words I jot down on whatever paper I can find. Other times, I just blurt out a verse while I’m doing something else—especially when I’m trying to practice.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of “Timing” by Alisa Amador below, and make sure to pre-order her album Narratives, due out in September.

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