Tom Waits to Release 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl Reissues for His 2002 Albums ‘Alice’ and ‘Blood Money’

Tom Waits announced the release of the 20th-anniversary limited edition vinyl reissues for his popular 2022 albums, Alice and Blood Money.

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To celebrate the news, Waits released a new live version of his song, “Lost In The Harbour,” from Alice, which you can check out below. It’s a rare and intimate live recording that captures the essence of Waits as a singular entertainer.

The lyric video, created by Christy Smith, transports the viewer into a haunting, somber seascape with spells of radiant light.

New live renditions of five tracks per record will also be made available digitally in a digital deluxe version. Pre-order the vinyl and pre-save the digital deluxe versions HERE for Alice and HERE for Blood Money.

Says Waits of the new live track release: “’Lost In The Harbour’ illustrates that [enemies] are neighbors with shared fates and entwined roots. The harbor is like the sky, it holds all.”

According to a press statement, “Initially created for an avant-garde opera directed by Robert Wilson for Hamburg’s Thalia Theater in the winter of 1992, ‘Alice’ was Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan’s second collaboration with Wilson (they had previously worked together on 1989’s ‘The Black Rider’). Lyrically and musically, the songs are part of a cycle where each track relates to what comes before and what will follow, a puzzle that reveals itself as it unfurls and marks a compositionally bold step forward for Waits.

“‘Blood Money’ lives in an entirely different world, careening from the brutal to the tender with assaulting rhythms and romantic melodies. It’s a grim musical deposition on the human condition, a dark mortality play where Tin Pan Alley meets the Weimer Republic.”

Waits also premiered a live version of “God’s Away On Business” from Blood Money, with a lyric video from Casey Waits. Check it out below.

Alice Digital Deluxe Track Listing

1. Alice
2. Everything You Can Think
3. Flowers Grave
4. No One Knows I’m Gone
5. Kommienezuspadt
6. Poor Edward
7. Table Top Joe
8. Lost In The Harbour
9. We’re All Mad Here
10. Watch Her Disappear
11. Reeperbahn
12. I’m Still Here
13. Fish And Bird
14. Barcarolle
15. Fawn
16. Table Top Joe (live)
17. Fish And Bird (live)
18. Lost In The Harbour (live)
19. Reeperbahn (live)
20. Alice (live)

Blood Money Digital Deluxe Track Listing

1. Misery Is The River Of The World
2. Everything Goes To Hell
3. Coney Island Baby
4. All The World Is Green
5. God’s Away On Business
6. Another Man’s Vine
7. Knife Chase
8. Lullaby
9. Starving In The Belly Of A Whale
10. The Part You Throw Away
11. Woe
12. Calliope
13. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
14. The Part You Throw Away (live)
15. Misery Is The River Of The World (live)
16. All The World Is Green (live)
17. God’s Away On Business (live)
18. Another Man’s Vine (live)

Photo Credit: Jean-Baptiste Mondino / ANTI- Records

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