Top 5 Taylor Swift “From the Vault” Songs

Taylor Swift’s “From the Vault” songs prove just how prolific she is as a songwriter. The original track list for her albums is seemingly packed to the brim with stellar material. Little did we all know, until the re-recorded versions came around, that there was even more music to sink our teeth into lying in wait.

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All of Swift’s “From the Vault” tracks have been exciting listens for the Swifties. Find five of the best below.

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1. “When Emma Falls in Love”

“When Emma Falls in Love” is a featured vault track on Swift’s latest re-recorded album, Speak Now. Many fans have come to interpret the track as an homage to Swift’s longtime friend, Emma Stone. The lyrics act as a character piece on Stone (if the rumors are correct), uncovering the darker side behind her sunny demeanor. It’s one of the best examples of Swift’s ability to wrap the multi-faceted nature of humanity into three minutes or less.

When Emma falls in love, she paces the floor
Closes the blinds and locks the door
When Emma falls in love, she calls up her mom
Jokes about the ways that this one could go wrong
She waits and takes her time

2. “Nothing New” (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Swift joined forces with the current music scene’s resident sad-girl Phoebe Bridgers for this vault track from Red (Taylor’s Version). Given the downtrodden subject matter in the song, Bridgers was the perfect choice for a feature. The pair sing about the trials of aging as a woman. Swift meditates on what will happen to her when she is no longer the woman of the moment while Bridgers adds an airy atmosphere to the track with her delicate vocals.

I know someday I’m gonna meet her, it’s a fever dream
The kind of radiance you only have at 17
She’ll know the way, and then she’ll say she got the map from me
I’ll say I’m happy for her, then I’ll cry myself to sleep

3. “I Bet You Think About Me” (feat. Chris Stapleton)

Red (Taylor’s Version) was chock full of stellar vault tracks including this duet with Chris Stapleton, “I Bet You Think About Me.” Swift taps back into her country roots for this chiding breakup anthem. Swift dials her sarcasm up to 11, making this track a devilishly fun listen. Stapleton’s rich vocals don’t hurt either.

But now that we’re done and it’s over
I bet you couldn’t believe
When you realized I’m harder to forget, than I was to leave
And I bet you think about me

4. “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

“Mr. Perfectly Fine” is made up of everything that is great about the original version of Fearless. It’s youthful, catchy, and the perfect balance between country and pop. It’s a song that will keep you locked tight in a repeat loop. It’s easy to listen to and hard to forget. It’s Swift’s hit-making chops in action.

Hello Mr. “Perfectly fine”
How’s your heart after breaking mine?
Mr. “Always at the right place at the right time, ” baby
Hello Mr. “Casually cruel”
Mr. “Everything revolves around you”
I’ve been Miss “Misery” since your goodbye
And you’re Mr. “Perfectly fine”

5. “All Too Well” (10 Minute Version)

Last, but not least, is the holy grail of all vault songs: “All Too Well (10minute version).” It’s the vault track with undoubtedly the most buzz behind it. The Swifties were waiting on this release since 2012 and were insatiably excited to finally be getting the final product. When the vault version came around, it didn’t disappoint those high expectations – in fact, it superseded them.

Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it
I’d like to be my old self again
But I’m still trying to find it
After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own
Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone
But you keep my old scarf from that very first week

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