Daily Discovery: twentythreenineteen Unveils Music Video For Their Crispy Pop Single, “You”

Philadelphia-based band twentythreenineteen has unveiled a music video for their single “You.”

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Off of their debut record, XXIIIXIX—which came out this past June — “You” is a crisp song that lands in the exciting intersection between pop-punk and modern indie. With glistening guitars, smooth vocals and a tight groove, the song would feel just as appropriate for a dingy, beer-soaked, college party as it would for a summer Spotify playlist being streamed in a Kroger.

Written by twentythreenineteen’s frontman, Sean McCall, “You” was self-recorded in an Airbnb in September 2018. The song was produced by McCall with help from Evan King and Jack Meidel.

“‘You’ is a soundscape of emotions and looping, almost cyclically, lyrics that follow the continuous thought pattern of affection and thoughts,” McCall says. “The video feels continual, looping even, and gives the viewer the ability to start and end in the same place, similar to that of the song.”

An admirer of the songwriting of Ben Gibbard—from Death Cab for Cutie—McCall is a writer who values intuition. “I write my best when I am feeling creatively driven. I tend to write the musical atmosphere of the song first,” he says.

“Music is a therapeutic outlet for me,” McCall says. “I want people to feel good when they listen to this song. No matter how rough of a patch they are going through, music can be one of the most effective ways to help cope.”

This sense of musical camaraderie and altruism is a running theme in twentythreenineteen’s music and aesthetic. The music video itself even embodies this theme, depicting relatable emotions and moments that remind the viewer of our universally shared human experience.

Watch the music video for twentythreenineteen’s “You” below:

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