Unearthed Frank Zappa Recordings to See Summer Release

A new collection of previously unreleased material from the late experimental composer Frank Zappa is set for release this summer.

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Titled Funky Nothingness, the extensive compilation will feature 25 rare tracks unearthed from the Zappa Vault believed to be a possible second installment of his 1969 jazz fusion magnum opus, Hot Rats.

Set to drop on June 30, the collection will be available in a variety of formats, including a three-CD version, a double-LP vinyl package, and will also see a digital release. Funky Nothingness is available for pre-order now.

“With archival releases from the vault, it is normal to find different arrangements of past tunes featured in live concerts and studio settings with other bands, but actual NEW compositions are few and far between, especially from within Zappa’s golden years of the ‘60s and ‘70s,” shared Joe Travers, “Vaultmeister” for the Zappa Family Trust, with udiscovermusic.

Funky Nothingness delivers on all fronts,” he continued, “showcasing Zappa’s love for rhythm and blues, picking up where Hot Rats left off with extended instrumental work-outs fusing rock, jazz, and classical elements into music that can only be described as ZAPPA. The guitar work and virtuoso musicianship are in full effect.”

With the news of this release comes a preview of Funky Nothingness in the form of the track “Work With Me Annie/Annie Had a Baby.”

Check it out below.

Funky Nothingness Track List

Disc One: Funky Nothingness

  1. “Funky Nothingness”
  2. “Tommy”/”Vincent Duo I”
  3. “Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild”
  4. “I’m a Rollin’ Stone”
  5. “Chunga’s Revenge” (Basement Version)
  6. “Basement Jam”
  7. “Work With Me Annie / Annie Had A Baby”
  8. “Tommy”/”Vincent Duo II”
  9. “Sharleena” (1970 Record Plant Mix)
  10. “Khaki Sack”
  11. “Twinkle Tits”

Disc Two: Zappa/Hot Rats ’70 Session Masters and Bonus Nothingness

  1. “Chunga’s Revenge” (Take 5)
  2. “Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild” (Take 4)
  3. “Transylvania Boogie” (Unedited Master)
  4. “Sharleena” (Unedited Master)
  5. “Work With Me Annie/Annie Had A Baby” (Alternate Edit)
  6. “Twinkle Tits” (Take 1, False Start)
  7. “Twinkle Tits” (Take 2)

Disc Three: Zappa/Hot Rats ’70 Session Masters and Bonus Nothingness

  1. “The Clap” (Unedited Master-Part I)
  2. “The Clap” (Unedited Master-Part II)
  3. “Tommy”/”Vincent Duo” (Unedited Master)
  4. “Chunga’s Revenge” (Take 8)
  5. “Halos and Arrows”
  6. “Moldred”
  7. “Fast Funky Nothingness”

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

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