Video Premiere: Anders & Kendall, “We’re On Fire, Babe”

Musicians Anders Parker and Kendall Meade have been friends and part-time collaborators for many years. Talks of a project together kept coming around, though both were always too busy. Parker (of Varnaline fame) had been involved in New Multitudes, a Woody Guthrie project with Jim James, Jay Farrar and Will Johnson. Meade was a member of Mascott and Sparklehorse. But this time last year, they finally made their talks of a joint album a reality.

Anders & Kendall’s first single off their upcoming album (Wild Chorus , due February 13, 2013) is the love song “We’re On Fire, Babe.” The video, directed by Art Bell of  Dreamlike Pictures, was shot on the road in an old red convertible, and in a picturesque barn off an old dirt road.

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“Anders wrote this song while we were driving down to Knoxville to record,” explains Kendall. “He was driving and I was sleeping in the passenger seat. When I woke up, there was a song. I wrote my verse and the bridge once we got to Knoxville, but it was really born in the car. We filmed the video up in Burlington, near where Anders lives. The director, Art Bell, borrowed the car, an Oldsmobile Delta ’88, from a friend. It couldn’t have been more perfect.”


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