Video Premiere: David Olney, “Sad Saturday Night”

David Olney - Main Press Photo by Gregg Roth
The Artist: David Olney
The Song: “Sad Saturday Night” from When The Deal Goes Down, out July 8.
Fun Fact:  The video was shot & produced by Stacie Huckeba at midnight in Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tennessee.
Songwriter Says: “My original idea for recording ‘Sad Saturday Night’ was to have a Salvation Army band sound. I was unable to get the whole horn section that recorded with me on ‘Servant, Job’ so I just used the tuba player. We cut it in one take. The song is long and repetitive and there is no reason why it should work but it does. There is a weird combination of comedy and pathos in it. 

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I had done some gigs with Annie McCue out in California and thought that besides her phenomenal playing and great songs she had a unique presence. She has an angelic quality to her but also a Charlie Chaplin-esque vibe. Fearless and tender and alluring. When the picture in my mind was forming of a man walking the city streets followed by a tuba player, the tuba player was Annie. Right from the get go. Annie in a pinstripe suit. The derby hat was her idea. Perfect. 

To be lonely is to be vulnerable. You feel isolated and exposed. Everybody knows how you feel. You can’t deny your pain any more than you can deny the tuba player who is following you. Just keep moving.” 


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