Video Premiere: Lowland Hum, “Thin Places”

Photo by Eric Kelley
Photo by Eric Kelley

Following the release of their new single “Thin Places” earlier this month, Charlottesville band Lowland Hum just shared a video for the quiet, thoughtful song. “Thin Places” is the second single from Thin, the husband and wife duo’s forthcoming album due out February 10.

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“Our friends at Pando Creative Co captured this footage spontaneously while on the road for a project they were filming in Blacksburg, Virginia,” the band’s Daniel Goans says. “Forrest Pando spotted the starlings from the parking lot of their hotel, grabbed his camera and charged all over the surrounding area for about an hour, capturing their stunning formations and behavior. He felt the imagery was fitting for our song, ‘Thin Places,’ and pitched a rough cut of the video to us a few days later. We were charmed by the footage and amazed, as murmurations — the name given to the formations made by a flock of starlings — have long been an inspiration to us. In fact, several moments on our new album reference this natural magical phenomenon specifically.”

Watch “Thin Places” below.

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