Video Premiere: Symbols of the West, “Clarion”

symbols of the west
The Artist: San Francisco synth-pop duo  Symbols of the West, made up of Nat Kendall and Lauren Stark.
The Video: “Clarion,” from the band’s new remix EP Save My City.
Fun Fact: In their early days, they were motivated to keep playing together when a group of kindergarteners told them they loved their music while they were performing in Golden Gate Park.
Songwriter Says:  According to Kendall, “‘Clarion’ was written from a piece of graffiti I read in Clarion alley in San Francisco saying something to the likes of, ‘… constant annihilation until that which is indestructible is revealed…’ That struck deep as a reminder that throughout our lives we will be constantly transformed through our relationships, challenges and failures until it strips away all the bullshit ego and we shine through and come to embrace our most true and dignified self. The video tries to capture our wild spiritual side as we leave behind a city of normalcy and return to our tribe of souls that live in this stripped down, pure, childlike existence with no fears of being our truest expression.”

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