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Sally Seltmann
The Artist: 
Melbourne native Sally Seltmann
The Album:
Hey Daydreamer, out March 4th in North America, was recorded with husband and fellow musician Darren Seltmann of The Avalanches.
Fun Facts: Seltmann co-wrote the 2007 hit “1234” with Feist, and Bon Iver is among the artists that have covered her songs.
Songwriter Says: “I wrote most of the songs for my new album Hey Daydreamer on my piano at home, and songs like ‘Seed Of Doubt’ came out very naturally. When I write for my own albums, it’s all free flowing emotion,” Seltmann notes. “I usually have visual landscapes inside my mind when I create a particular chorus or lyric. It’s like I have an internal world in my imagination that I then try to capture and share through my songwriting. I had been listening to a lot of Australian composer Sven Libaek’s underwater documentary soundtracks, and was so inspired by the colourful arrangements, and all the layers of flutes, brass and percussion. This was a real influence on the production for the album.”

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