Video Premiere: The Banditos, “Long Gone” & “No Good”

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Birmingham, Albama band Banditos show off their backwoods grit with two new videos highlighting songs off their new, self-titled EP. Both videos were shot live by Joshua Shoemaker in the band’s backyard.

“We did these sessions the day that the hurricane was coming through,” says frontman Corey Parsons. “We recorded live, so we had the power run deep into the woods in the backyard. We were afraid the rain was gonna cut us short, but, we beat it.”

“Long Gone” is a quick ditty, emboldened with unabashed kazoo wailing, and guitar chops reminiscent of old-time country and swing rhythm, kicked to life by the band’s high energy and verve. “I was thinking about this old rhyme my aunt used to tell me when I was a kid that talks about death.” Says Parsons, “It starts with “Did you ever stop to think when a hearse pass by, that you might be the next to die?” It’s a carefree song about mortality.”

“No Good” is very much Mary Beth Richardson’s response to the undue criticism she has received during her formative years with the band. “It’s a song about what people portray us as and who we really are.” She says, ” It’s about people getting the wrong idea about me and my lifestyle. A girl who lives and plays with a bunch of dudes. I don’t have a set path like most people and that makes people feel uneasy.”

The band’s EP is available for download via their bandcamp page.


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