Walker Hayes May Open a “Fancy Like” Applebee’s in Downtown Nashville

A “Fancy Like” Applebees may be opening in Nashville one day soon. A year after Walker Hayes went viral on TikTok with his 2021 summer hit “Fancy Like,” talking about Bourbon Street steaks and Oreo shakes inspired by the menu at Applebee’s restaurants, the Alabama singer is hinting at opening a “Fancy Like” franchise of the chain on Broadway Street in Nashville.

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In a recent interview, Hayes revealed that he and Applebee’s may be taking their relationship to the next level. “Talk of us for real opening [an Applebee’s] down on Broadway in Nashville, like a ‘Fancy Like’ Applebee’s,” said Hayes, who added, “It’s a good time to be a country artist.”

The ‘Fancy Like” location would be the second in Nashville; the first is located on Thompson Lane in Berry Hill.

The Hayes-Applebee’s alliance has continued growing since “Fancy Like” went viral. Soon after the song blew up on TikTok, Applebee’s launched a campaign to “celebrate date night across America” with two commercials that featured the singer and his fans performing the official “Fancy Like” TikTok dance and received a flood of fans posting videos of their dates at the restaurant.

Upon release on Aug. 2, 2021, “Fancy Like,” released off Hayes’ fifth EP, Country Stuff, soared to No. 1 on the country charts. In response to the song’s popularity, Applebee’s also brought back the Oreo Cookie Shake, which was previously discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo by Robert Chavers / Ebie media

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