We The Kingdom Remembers Their Purpose Through Upcoming Deluxe Album

Breakout contemporary christian band, We The Kingdom, is set to release the deluxe version of their debut album, Holy Water, January 8, 2021. These songs are the soundtrack of their journey as a group, according to member Martin Cash. 

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The album connects the dots of their purpose as a band, Cash revealed to American Songwriter. Highlighting collaboration, memories, efforts of the last three years in the band’s lifetime, multiple sonic styles and community all woven together by a message of the closeness of God to his people, Holy Water, marks an era of overwhelming encouragement for the group. 

We The Kingdom began releasing music in 2019, but quickly garnered a following, landing a spot at the 51st GMA (Gospel Music Association) Dove Awards and just recently nominated for two titles at the Grammy Awards in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song and Best Contemporary Christian Music Album categories. 

“It’s been such a tremendous gift,” WTK member, Ed Cash tells American Songwriter. “There have been some doors that have opened up for us this year…and we’re very humbled and thankful.” 

Member Scott Cash notes how in 2019 there were so many massive, unknown things both in the life of the group, and for each member personally. But at the end of dealing with so much turmoil and questioning, Scott says the group is excited to start playing songs that were born out of diligence and perseverance. 

According to bandmate Franni Cash, one of the driving concepts behind the group as a whole is the idea of bringing people together, recognizing each individual’s value and purpose. This motivation plays out on a whole new level with the deluxe album. 

“Two of our goals are to create songs that give people the freedom and the space to be and have a voice for whatever season of life that they’re in, whether that’s a place of grieving or sadness or a place of incredible joy, we want to offer songs that remind people that God loves them and God is with them in whatever season they are in and to extend hope to them,” Franni explains, “In the deluxe album we have several friends that we were able to collaborate with and write and sing songs with and so we’re really excited to get to do that—that’s kind of the thing behind our name, We The Kingdom.” 

They’ll share the songs with whoever will listen, Ed says, and while success and recognition is encouraging, the real impact comes from hearts permanently impacted by the songs.

“What really moves my heart, more than any sort of success parameters, is just seeing changed hearts and changed lives, including our own,” Ed notes. “A goal for me with this deluxe record and as we go out Lord willing and tour this thing, is that we’d be able to love each other well in the process and that we would not make this all about achievements, but more about how can we build the community and take this beautiful thing that God’s doing and go share it with as many people as will listen.” 

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