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American Songwriter and KC Masterpiece are giving away tickets and meet-and-greet passes to select dates on Keith Urban’s Summer Lovin’ 2010 tour. Tell us what your favorite Keith Urban song is, and why, at for your chance to win.

We’re currently giving away the following:

* June 12 – Boston, MA — 4 tickets and 4 meet and greet passes

* June 25 – Manhattan, KS — 2 tickets and 2 meet and greet passes

* July 10 – Ft. Loramie, OH — 2 tickets and 2 meet and greet passes

* September 3 – Allentown, PA – 4 tickets and 4 meet and greet passes

For more ways to win this summer concert season, connect with KC Masterpiece on Facebook at


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  1. My favorite Keith Urban song is “Making Memories of Us”. I feel it the ultimate love song. The words come the heart and Keith makes you feel like they are meant entirely for you. His expression in his music shows the depth of his love, a promise to be there in the present and the future, and it lifts you up in spirit. It’s definately a “feel good” song for me, and whenever I hear it I am reminded of the love that my parents had for each other. My mom recently passed away and has finally been able to be reunited with my dad. I’m sure he was there to greet her with a warm, wet kiss too.

  2. I just dont like one song i like evey single one , I hope to win free tickets and what a highlight of my life if i was to see keith in concert and even better if i was to meet him , hes got great voice & great songs that reach my heart .xxx

  3. On of my favorite songs of Keith Urban is I Wanna Cry Tonight.Why?Because I cried my share of tears after losing the one I gave my heart to.What would I say if I met Keith Urban?I would tell’em please string me a melody and let me sing my sad love song.It would read.

    Forever Ends

    We were kids playing in the sandbox
    We were highschool sweethearts
    Making promises of forever
    For as long as I can remember
    You were my girl
    But you went back on your word
    And I just can’t help feeling
    Like such a fool
    I should of known forever ends

    It was like someone hit the switch
    Turning out the lights
    When she told me it’s nothing you did
    But I just don’t feel like I did
    I was totally in the dark
    And didn’t see it coming
    When she said I don’t wanna hurt you
    But I can’t go on living a lie
    Well,the damage was done with goodbye


    Sitting here going through a shoe box
    Filled with old pictures of you and I
    That remind me of better times
    Beating myself up over and over again
    Trying my best to understand
    If it was nothing I did
    Why am I all alone missing you
    Tossing and turning on your side of the bed
    Fighting nightmares of losing you


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