WWDD?: Four Life Lessons To Make You More Like Dolly Parton

The world is full of dissenting ideas but if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we love Dolly Parton. The country icon has a special ability to connect with a wide array of people. Her advocacy, her philanthropy, her humor, and her musical talent draw us in time and time again.

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That being said, we can do more than just admire Parton. We can try to follow in her footsteps. Find four life lessons we can take from Parton’s storied life and career, below.

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1. Be confident in your own skin

Parton has gone on record many times to talk about her look. Throughout the decades of her career, many naysayers have chided her for her glammed-up persona and “unreal” attributes. Parton takes those criticisms in her stride.

“You don’t have to look like everybody else,” she once said. “You don’t have to be a raving beauty to be special and to be beautiful.” It’s stellar, timeless advice.

2. Give back

The only thing equal to Parton’s success is her generosity. Parton has put her monumental success to good use, taking part in countless philanthropic efforts. From COVID-19 research to the Imagination Library, Parton puts her money where her heart is. Though we may not have the same means as Parton does, we can look for ways to give back to our own communities.

3. Be accepting of other people

Parton has put an onus on making all people feel accepted and cherished throughout her career. Part of a superstar’s job is connecting with their audience and extends olive branches to anyone and everyone she can find. Parton has a long-standing history of backing LGBTQ+ groups, feminism, and a myriad of other strong stances of acceptance.

4. Don’t be afraid to take some risks

Even just a few years ago, the idea of Parton doing a rock album would feel impossible. Nevertheless, the country icon is proving that idea to be wrong with her impending album. She joined forces with some of the genre’s greatest purveyors on Rockstar to bring new life to classic tracks. Parton has once again certified that there is very little she can’t do and that taking a risk sometimes reaps the greatest rewards.

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