Zac Brown Joins Facebook COO to Talk About Camp Southern Ground and Newest Song

This Veteran’s Day, Zac Brown sat down virtually with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in a Facebook Live session where they discussed Brown’s newest passion project, Camp Southern Ground, and his newest release.

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Camp Southern Ground, which Brown founded, is a non-profit organization which helps aid veteran families transitioning back to life after service, a cause that is very close to his heart. 

“It takes a special kind of person to be a service member. As we’ve seen with all of our first responders and all the people that have relentlessly served us, our veterans have been doing this for us the entire time, no matter the circumstances. The least we can do is try to help these veterans easily transition from service life to civilian life and help them find opportunities,” he says. “My greatest gift I have is being able to bring people together and serve the veteran community. I think it’s super important to tell our members how much we appreciate them and their work.”

In times like these, where first responders are of utmost importance, Brown recognizes they aren’t the only ones who deserve recognition and wanted to support the veterans who needed help re-assimilating into society.

“As we’ve seen with first responders serving relentlessly and walking into the fire, veterans have been doing that the entire time. They do what they are told no matter what. It takes a special person to be a service member, you have to have a servant’s heart and a lot of these people are dynamic. The least we can do is help them transition when they come out,” he explains. 

Even through quarantine, Brown has been kept busy not only by his efforts with Camp Southern Ground but also in spending more time with his kids, which inspired the release of his newest song, “The Man Who Loves You The Most.”

The song, a gesture of fatherly love, was written as a reminder for his children. 

“I want them to feel everything that the world has to offer, to love and live their lives, and have a full life. That involves not being the No. 1 man when someone else comes in. It was important to have a reminder that this will always be your home and I’m the man who loves you the most no matter what. The first relationship my girls have had is with me.”

In this way, quarantine has been a time of reflection for Brown. A time to reassess what’s important: family and giving back. Though Brown has relished in the high of a massively successful career, through time with loved ones and work with his non-profit he’s quick to remind himself what really matters. 

“Camp Southern Ground is a world class facility and it was important for me to build something that will be there for 100 years. This is probably the greatest work I’ve done throughout my career along with my team,” he says.

“True satisfaction really comes from helping other people. It’s contagious to help others, and it’s so rewarding to me.”

Learn more about Camp Southern Ground here and check out the Facebook Live session here as well as Brown’s newest song below. 

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