100+ More Songs We Absolutely Love From the 2021 Song Contest, Vol. 1

American Songwriter’s 2021 Song Contest received an abundance of remarkable entries, and we thought you needed to hear some of the songs that kept us dancing through the judging process. Check out the first 50 of the 100+ songs we love below, and keep an eye out for Volume II. The winners of this year’s contest can be found HERE.

Featured photo of Tim Helnore.

“The Other Side Of Midnight” written and performed by David Nicastro. Listen here.

“Signed, Another Man” written by Clayton Mann, Clayton Shay, Michael Foster, Tommy O’Keeffeand; performed by Clayton Shay.

“No One Has To Go” written by Vaughan Ray Daniel, David L. Graham, and Janice Gilbert; performed by Janice Gilbert.

“Outlaw Man” written and performed by Tim Helnore.

“Lights Out” written by Haleigh Bowers and Ryan Nealon; performed by Ryan Nealon.

“Boots Like Mine” written by Davis Corley, Josh Gallagher, and Mark Addison Chandler; performed by Josh Gallagher.

“WFNEO” written by Caroline Brooks and Kyle Chandler Moore; performed by BELLSAINT.

“Gone” written and performed by Naomi Leites.

“Wayfarer” written by Alex Poulos, Ari Poulos, and Sela Poulos; performed by Just Seconds Apart.

“Half Of You” by Eden Neville.

“Black Boy Joy” written by Kristopher John Lloyd Wilson and Vasant Sundaresan; performed by Young Lyonne.

“Classy” written and performed by Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer.

“Dear World” written by DJ Pruitt and Savannah Brister; performed by Savannah Brister.

“The Writing’s on the Wall” written by Chris Beeble, Connie Hong, and Michael MD Fischbach; performed by Doc Fischbach.

“Five Miles” by ASHWYN and Tyler Simmons.

“Goodbye to Me” by Tommy Niemann. Listen here.

“Birthday,” written by Christina Paige Nini and Kayliann Lowe; performed by Christina Nini.

“When You Do” written by Megan Rose Ellsworth; performed by ELLSWORTH.

“Home to Alabama” written and performed by Stephen Sylvester.

“Tip of My Tongue” written by Isabella Bianca Scolaro, Kayliann Lowe, and Robert Douglas Jr Lowe; performed by Belz.

“Just Ain’t You” written by Mackenzie Erlank and Ryan Stewart; performed by Kenzie Cates.

“Calling All Survivors” by farmôr.

“The Alter” written by Anneke Lada; performed by Zosia.

“i’m baby” written by Carissa Myre and Lucas DeLisle; performed by l.ucas and Layzi.

“The Outside” written by Helen Austin and Paul Otten; performed by Big Little Lions.

“I Am An Ocean” written by Jenny Lindfors; performed by Sailing Stones.

“california dreaming” written by Seth Thomas Ledford; performed by Sage The Artist.

“Nothing’s Sweeter Than Loving You” written by Andrew Kahrs Erickson; performed by Andy Kahrs.

“Figure It Out” written by Buggie; performed by Buggie Bars.

“I’d Be Lying” written by Cody Quillen; performed by Cody Q.

“Make Me Feel Something” written by Danny Hidalgo and Kendal Brower; performed by Danny Hidalgo. Listen here.

“Spinning” written by Ali Willa Milner, Connor Seidel, and Emily Gifford; performed by GRAE.

“Super-human” written and performed by Andrew Frankel.

“Revenant” written by Kristin Matzkows and Nick Matzkows; performed by izzy reign.

“Let Me Speak Now” written and performed by Everett Carter.

“Unthinkable” written by Claudia Terry Verdecia, Valentin Glage, and Vincent Stefansson; performed by Cloudy June.

“Unbreakable” written by Evan Frederiksen and Troy Doherty; performed by TROY.

“If You Care” written by Pichya Nimit; performed by M o n k.

“Kicking Side of Down” by Westrin & Mowry.

“When Music Was Enough” written and performed by Jason Price.

“Back of My Mind” written by Autumn McEntire, Britnee Kellogg, and Eric Wikman; performed by Britnee Kellogg.

“Lost In the City” written by Chad Carouthers and Scott Oatley; performed by VÂN SCOTT.

“Shade of Blue” written by Tedd Swormstedt and Victoria Banks; performed by t swormstedt. Listen here.

“Do I Bleed” written by Kaitlyn Carolina Myers; performed by Kaitlyn Myers.

“Red Skies” written and performed by Alex Dorsten and Sophie Dorsten.

“Day By Day” written by Corey Wagar-Grogan and Tori Allen; performed by Ashland Craft.

“Bitter” written by Ariel Lask and Fabio Campedelli; performed by Ariel Lask.

“Your Eyes” written by Dani Taylor, Ty Graham, Will Rambauex, and Sherrie Austin; performed by Dani Taylor.

“Come Alive” written by Hannah Harber Wynn and Thomas Robert Wynn; performed by Hannah Harber & the Lionhearts.

“Lifetime” written and performed by Bertie Anderson.

“A Little Love” written and performed by Jack Francis.

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