100+ More Songs We Absolutely Love From the Song Contest, Vol. 1

American Songwriter’s 35th Song Contest received an abundance of remarkable entries, and we thought you needed to hear some of the songs that kept us dancing through the judging process. Check out the first part of the 100+ songs we love below, and keep an eye out for Volume II on December 17. The winners of this year’s contest can be found here.

Feature Photo of Lara Johnston by Piper Ferguson

“Dig Your Hands in the Earth and Hold On” by Teague Alexy

“Everybody Needs A Hand Today” by Alaskan

“Ease” by Joel Ansett

“Can I Breathe” by B.A. Barber

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“Paranoid on Main Street” by Demi the Daredevil

“This Side of the Grass” by Gerald Blair

“Sometimes” by Emily Bass

Red, White and Blue” by Destin Bennett

“Los Angeles” by Taali

“Old Oak” by Roland Lewis

“Who My Mother Is” by Jessy Blackman

I Won’t Be the One to Say Goodbye” by Just Roxie

Simple” by Micah Bournes

“Back On My Feet” by Max Brenner

“Hurt My Feelings” by Molly Brown

“Evan’s Song” by Charles Bryant

“Cityview” by Sav Accalia

“Lost Myself In Loving You” by Audrey Bussanich

“Broadcast From My Bedroom” by Daniel Campoli

“Sneakers” by Camille

“Comeback Kids” by John Cirillo

“Earthquake” by Courtney Cole

“Meet You There” by Hannah Connolly

“Backyard Bar Tab” by Debbie Convoy

“Monster” by Anthony Pace

“Moonlighters” by The Blood Moon Howlers

“Places We Will Go” by Darren Crone

“When We Were Young” by Wes Cunningham

“Chains” by KylEast

“Pull Me Down” by Talia Dalton

“Give Me Something” by Dustin Daniels

“Even If” by Amber DeLaCruz

“Maybe Then” by Teghan Devon

“Falling” by Thomas Dietzel & Greg Wilson

“Untangled” by Ryan Dilmore

“Love Again” by Kate the Dreamer

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“If you Just” by Jahméne

“Let Out The Love” by Rob Drabkin

“Letting Go” by Madison and Shannon

“I’ll Keep You Warm” by Brandi Ediss

“Today Tomorrow” by Chris Ferrara

“Virginia It Is” by Lindsey Fitzgerald

“Crush On My Hometown” by Carin Fradin

“The 2020 Song” by Fuller & Fuller

“Memory Lane” by Bruce G & Jared Harder

“Late August (One More Chance)” by Cory Glover

“Made for Me” by Chapel Hart

Walk Away” by shaunsomething

Shot In Hell” by Emily Hurd

“Friends” by Jazara

“What I Left Behind” by Erick Irons

“Love Me Or Let Me Go” by Nick Jaeckel

“Saint James” by José James

“If He Never Broke My Heart” by Morgan Johnston

“Spacey” by Lara Johnston

“Santa, You Screwed Up” by Johanna Jones

Want to get your songs in front of #1 songwriters/artists and A&R execs?

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