15 Tweets That Sum Up Angel Olsen’s New Album

If you have yet to listen to Angel Olsen’s new album, Big Time, you are in for a treat. According to the worldwide Twittersphere, the album is shaping up to be her best one yet.

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Released Friday, June 3, Olsen’s songs focus on grief, she lost both her parents just before she recorded the album and love, as she navigates a new relationship after coming out as queer. And while the album follows her 2020 offering, Whole New Mess, it decidedly has a country slant with a focus on pedal steel.

You can check out American Songwriter’s review of the album HERE. But don’t take our word for it. See what Twitter users have to say about Olsen’s intensely personal album, Big Time.

1. “me streaming the new angel olsen album tonight”

2. “Dear Angel, You are a role model to those who have experienced trauma and are learning to harness the struggle and the grief and use it for good. You have a great power in expressing the search for solace and the yearning for something more … while also finding the peace in …who you are and have always been. I will be listening to this record for a long time. I hope you know how much your music, art, and strength to share yourself so honestly means to me.”

3. “With 16 reviews, “Big Time” by Angel Olsen has a Metacritic score of 89, making it the fifth most acclaimed album of the year so far!”

4. “i’m seriously impressed with this new angel olsen album (i didn’t doubt i would be tho). so far it’s really honing what made her previous bodies of work so special and taking it into a new direction.”

5. “one thing angel olsen knows how to do is close out an album.”

6. “drove by my childhood home for the first time in years with the new Angel Olsen record playing in the background. was not prepared to be emotionally snapped in half”

7. “listening to angel olsen album”

8. “big time is already becoming angel olsen’s best work if you haven’t listened already i highly recommended.”

9. “happy friday this angel olsen record is ripping my heart straight out of my chest..”

10. “The new @AngelOlsen is just as good as everyone else says it is.”

11. “Thank you, @AngelOlsen. An experience of a lifetime. Music to breathe. Music to live and oh— to be alive.”

12. “I unexpectedly end up being the only person working in my office on a Friday afternoon. I put on the new @AngelOlsen record and let sobs pour out of me that have needed to get out for months and couldn’t. Sometimes art really is the only thing that makes life worth it.”

13. “@AngelOlsen’s new record is a home run for me. this perfect marriage of falling in love with someone while trying to cope with this enormous grief of losing parents. deeply relatable and deeply painful. 10/10.”

14. “i have been listening to @AngelOlsen‘s BIG TIME all day and it’s so fucking perfect”

15. “Literally so excited for the new @AngelOlsen album and that I am not mentally stable enough to listen to right now.”

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