Pulp Fiction Meets The Muppets In Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” Video

When crafting a memorable music video, it’s always a good idea to include Lou Diamond Phillips, a mysterious hooded woman (Alexandra Daddario of Parenthood) and an illegal fight club for stuffed animals. Oddly, no one has ever really taken advantage of this winning formula, until now.

Check out Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons’ new video for “Radioactive,” the latest single from their debut album Night Visions.

“Radioactive has an explosive, almost primal feel to it, and the song lyrics allude to an internal awakening of sorts,” Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds tells American Songwriter. “With that in mind, we thought it only appropriate to make a video that forced us out of our comfort zone and pushed the boundaries a little with the average viewer. Sometimes it is easy to take yourself a little too seriously in this industry, and it was refreshing to end up with something we felt stayed true to the song but took a very unexpected approach.”

Right on. Watch the clip for “Radioactive” below.