American Songwriter 2022 Song Contest Semi-Finalists Announced

American Songwriter is excited to announce the official 2022 Song Contest Semi-Finalists. Congrats to all of these talented songwriters listed below.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing the Top Songs and then the overall winners from the contest. Stay tuned for those announcements.

Please Note: Semi-Finalists are sorted alphabetically by Song Title.


“2am (Feat. KOHL)” By KJ Cunningham

“8 Billion People” by Kiran and Nivi Saishankar, supperclub

“Air” By Phebe Starr, Alister Write

“Age of Ben” By Randy Steele
“All Along” By Dan Millward
“All Of Your Ways” By Ryan Cam
“All Summer Long” By Sophia Hansen
“American Spirits” By Austin Sawyer
“Arcade” By Tristen Stone
“As We Are” By Dan Millward
“Back Together” By Ali Taylor Terradillos, Gary Wayne, Adam Wheeler
“Before She Did It” By Sarah Underwood
“Beside You” By Lee Smith
“Bigger” By Hannah Horton
“Break My Heart?” By Igor Volhonski, Joshua Cruz, Claus Pener
“Break My Own Heart” By Sophia Angeles, Chelsea Balan
“Bright Side” By Rosie Cerquone
“Broken Things” By Gustavo Galindo, Shane Alexander
“Brooklyn” By Tiffany Katelyn Johnson, Griffin White
“BULLET” By Robyn Troup
“Bury Me” By Noelia, Calvo Camacho
“Changes” By Jax Anderson
“Changing Lanes” By Nina Lee, Ehan Mentzer
“Chapel” By Jenna DeVries, Jen Miller, Adam Mac
“Closer, Lover” By Andrew McGrath
“Confrontations” By Alex Cooper
“Country Deal Breaker” By Teagan Stewart, Ryan Boey
“Crash and Learn” By Lucy Cloud, Justin Morgan, Seth Mosley
“Daddy’s Girl” By Halo Kitsch
“Dark Kid Ep. 1” By Stefan Prange
“Dear Marjorie” By Wallace Tallman
“Disengage” By Kieran Rhodes
“Don’t U Remember That” By Mikayla Williams
“Double Yellow Lines” By Johan Glidden
“Dragon” By Fred Williams, John Haston
“Drive, Drive, Drive” By Drew Zieff
“Driving Home To You” By Kaston Guffey
“Drunk and Underage” By Joel Sundkvist, Holger Lund
“Enjoy The Ride” By Andy Land, grayskies
“Erase This Day” By Sean Magwire
“Everything Is Possible Now” By Rich Andruska
“fairytales” By Gabby Sophia
“Far Apart” By Will Conn
“Fathers Want Sons” By Okay Kenedi, Dan Hannon, Jared Przybysz
“Feelings” By Savannah Brister, Terence F. Clark, Chris Carter
“Find Me” By Devin Castleton
“For the Sake of It” By Celeste-Louise Tauchar, Nyiko Beguin
“Forever” By Miranda Johnson
“Forever’s Not Long Enough” By Jon Caryl
“Frame” By Warren Vereb, Chad Wilson
“Full Moon” By Alicia Michilli
“Georgia Girl” By Thomas Rowland, John Brigham
“Ghost” By Melinda Ortner
“Ghost” By Jolie (pka L.i.E) Waterhouse
“Girl Dad” By Damon Dotson
“Got Away With It” By Eliza Harrison Smith
“Gravity’s Rainbow” By Sean Cahill
“Growing” By Arielle Freedberg, Emma Barge, Kiersten Rae Rummell
“Guest of Honor” By Patrick Ferris
“Haggard” By Clint Draper, Kaitlyn Draper
“Halfway” By Emma Harvey, Kel Taylor
“Halfway to Houston” By Alicia Stockman
“Happiness is a Boy” By Matthew Orgel
“Happy Endings” By Stephen Sylvester
“Headin’ Home” By Randall Cohen, Gregory Martindale
“Head in the Clouds” By Juliana Hale, Leland Grant
“Heartbreak Motel” By Bella Kelly, David Gnozzi
“Heaven” By Sabrina Lentini
“HIGH3R” By Trent-Jean Michel
“HOLD ME” By Skylar Demarino, Marky Styles
“Hollow” By Marcello Greco
“Home In My Home Town” By Jude Toy
“How That Feels” By Bruce Ede
“House of Broken Mirrors” Theresa Gorella, Alex DeVor
“I Do What I Want” By Meg Pfeiffer, Luca Stricagnoli
“I Go Crazy” By Jaime Jaworecki, Gabe Simon, Nick Schwarz

“I Promise To” By Tanner Sparks, John Roberson

“I Promise You” By Stephen Sylvester, Todd Sylvester

“I Saw You” By Bree Gonzalez
“It Was Always In My Eyes” By Chris Lippincott, Ivan Theva
“Jesus Was a Sailor” By Lily Talmers
“Joker” By Madeleine Kelson
“Just Like You” By Zach Skarzynski
“Knew My Name” By Lindsey Justice, Lowanna Wallace, Jonathan Richardson

“Know Me So Well” By Leo Xia
“La La La Boom Boom Boom” By Nancy Bolen, Steven Patrick Bolen
“Laura” By Taylor Bradshaw

“Little Bit O Whiskey” By Wade Witherspoon

“Look Like A Stranger Trey Hill Ryan Corn, Kimber Terry

“Loser” By Erin Greider
“Make You Proud” By Madeleine Kelson
“Mars” By Jenna Borzak
“May Flowers” By Charlie Brennan, Theo Kandel
“Memories Make Us” Hayden Cain, Eric Dodd, Moriah Domby
“Memory Lane” By Haley Intile-Epstein

“Milky Way” By Nathalie Nedeljkovic

“Mister Sun” By  Allan Licht
“Modern Art” By Skylar Lee Gutman, Hannah Diones, Kassidy Knight
“Mothers” By Kate Schutt
“Muse” By Amber Farnan, Donna Dyson
“Never Be The Same” By Danielle Mattachini
“Never Mine” By Blake Rackley, Josh Wright
“New Life” By Lauren Kelley
“Not Over Getting Over You” By Brooke Stilla, Brooke Azzopardi, Jonathan Karkar
“Now We Know” By Jennifer Kern
“Old Ojai” By Josh Dillard
“One By One (All or None)” By Brendan Forrest
“One Day Pigtails” By Christine Merritt, Madison Wolfe
“Outside Looking In” By Zach Day
“Outsider” By Tolan Shaw, Danen Reed, Jeff Carl
“Perfect Sense” By Audrey Assad
“Phoenix” By Josh Howerton
“Play the Game” By Will Lynde
“Plenty” By Jessica Meilman
“Problems That We Prayed For” By Andrew Peebles, Colton Venner, Lauren McLamb
“Relentless” By Lucy Davis Hull, Camille Rae
“Ruin It” By Mackenzie Erlank
“Sad Ole Country Song” By Mark Lambert, Ronnie Jackson, Ron Day
“Save Me” By Reed Waddle, Jordan Frye
“Say A Prayer Matilda” By Barry Carroll
“Say the Word” By Megan Mortensen, Adam Allison, Max Berlin

“Selfish Love” By Emily Alexander

“Side Effects” By Nya Y
“Silhouettes” By Stephen Warwick
“Silver Screen” By Anaïs Lund
“So Low” By Kenny Elrod
“Solo” By Ryan Cam
“Somebody” By Harper O’Neill, Meg McRee
“Someone Who Gets Me” By Kimberly June, Cameron Stymeist
“Someone’s Woman” By Hannah Bethel
“Somewhere Between Amarillo and Little Rock” By Caitlin Cannon
“Son” By Jonny Puder
“Soy Tendencia” By Lianet Rivero
“Starting Over” By Jacob Hughes
“Stat” By Claudio Parrone Jr.
“Stranger” By Paige Hargrove
“Strong and Beautiful” By Damarr Smith
“Suave” By Brandon Pacini
“Sunshine and Silverlinings” By Afton Salmon, Robin Dean Salmon
“Sweeping The City” By Trevor Marcom
“Sweet Lullaby” By Christian Porter
“Tabs on You” By Tarrah Walston
“Takes My Breath Away” By Lance Kotara, LeAnna Kaufman
“Tell Me” By Makena Shlens

“Tennessee Ghosts” By Christiana Sudano

“Texas” By Danni Nicholls, Ben Glover

“The Best Worst Thing” By Skyler Day
“The Blood Moon” By Helene Alexandra Jaeger
“The Box” By Matthew Soileau, Brandon Chase
“The Languishing” By Adam Avery
“The Line” By Sav Buist
“The Line” By Luke Wygodny, Marina Pires
“The Losing Game” By Joe Nolan
“The River” By Paulin Skoglund-Voss
“The Trouble With Love” By Matthew Doers, Lisa McQuade
“The Villain I’ve Been” By Amanda Aponte
“This Flag” By Matthew Ascione
“This Is Where” By Drew Schueler, Claire Flynt, Nell Maynard
“This Isn’t How the Story Ends” By Emma Cole, Joshua Hester, Caleb Thoemk
“Till You Leave It” By Sophia Annello, Mary Kutter, Brian Alexander, Andrew Capra
“Tomorrow” By Brett Koolik, Paul Hammer
“Tomorrow” By Roger Street Friedman
“Twice” BY Greg Shilling
“Van Gogh” By Ari (Alnev) Rabin
“Vangeles” By James Hall, Alexander J. Hall, Christopher W. Smith
“Walk Again” BY Chaz Langley
“Walk Away” By Christy Sasser
“Want Love” By Glenn Swan, Shariany Then
“Way Back Home” By Jonathan Rock
“We Needed Rain” By Charlie Brennan, Sean McConnell
“Weekend Wars” By Elaska Young
“Well-Lit House” By Kara Fink
“WFMT” By Natalie Dankert
“What A Day” By Jordan Herbst
“White” By Gabrielle Boyle, Blessing Offor
“Worth A Shot ” By Trey Calloway, Aaron Pax Taylor
“Wya” By Giovanna Tobias
“You & I” By Danielle Juhre
“You Lied” By Caitlynne Curtis
“You, Me, and the City” By Joshua Tobias


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  1. So many beautiful and creative song lyrics are entered! I don’t know how you can choose! It’s inspiring to see the winners but also intimidating. I’m confident that I’m writing good songs so I’ll keep trying! Good luck to everyone with this dream!❤❤❤👏👏👏👏

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