100+ More Songs We Absolutely Love From the Song Contest, Vol. II

American Songwriter’s 35th Song Contest received an abundance of remarkable entries, and we thought you needed to hear some of the songs that kept us dancing through the judging process. Check out the second part of the 100+ songs we love below. Volume I can be found here. The winners of this year’s contest can be found here.

Featured photo of YVR by BJ Jensen

“Right Now” by Young Luns

“Fake ID” by Jenna Lotti

“People Like You” by Pip Lewis

“Old Oak Tree” by Jenny Leigh

“Afraid of the Dark” by Lucy Leblanc

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“Unsober” by Jessica Lattman

“Pour A Little” by Doll Knight

“Running Out” by Claire Kelly

“Wonder” by morgxn

“Breathe” by Colin Matchack

Loot” by Cody McCoy

“Closer, Lover” by Andrew McGrath

“Adieu Chérie (Farewell Darling)” by Arising Sons featuring Eva Szebelledy

“Manchester By The Sea” by Trent-Jean

“Love With a Stranger” by Moody, Varson, Merkle

“Beauty In A Rose” by Sahara Moon

“I Hear the Music” by Cripple Creek Band

“Better Man” by Jon Mullins

“Change” by Holley McCreary

“Can I Have The Day With You” by sam ock featuring Michelle

“Who Knew Love (Could Sound Like This)” by Halinthemountains

“Floyd” by Sonny Parlin featuring Northside Nate

“Together” by Russ Parrish

“You’re Here” by Russ Parrish

“Sweet Talker” by Michelle Pereira

“You” by A.T.D.

“For The Better” by Joshua

“Graveyard” by MountainCity

“Into It” by Callie Prince

“Jealous” by Viiq

“Wait for Me” by Danny Randell

“The Boy Who Stole Your Heart” by Scott Reynolds

“Let Me Hurt” by Emily Rowed

“Lifeline” by Hope Darling

“Monsters” by Kat Saul

“Free” by Elyse Saunders

“Wine Down” by Elyse Saunders

“Head Start” by Drew Schueler

“Somewhere in Between” by Kyle Daniel

“Sad Lullaby” by HYRA

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“Hurricane After You” by Sarah Spencer

“How Have You Been?” by YVR

“No More” by Noah Stepherson

“I won’t sleep soundly” by Molly Trueman featuring Princeton University Glee Club

“Guard” by Logan Vath

“Warmest Regards” by Alex Vickery

“Why’d You Have To Go” by Grant Vogel

“John 11 Verse 35” by Austin Webb

“Stay Away” by Night Darling

“Good To Me” by Carrie Welling

“Tension of the Season” by RAGS AND RICHES

“Irene.” by Ben Zaidi

“Perfect Sense” by The Overstory

“Poor Chickadee” by Louis Walker Phipps

“Oh Canada” by Cypress

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