3 John Fogerty Deep Cuts Every Fan Should Know

Creedence Clearwater Revival will always be a staple in Americana playlists around the world, mostly due to founder John Fogerty’s incredible songwriting ability. Their swampy, blues-tinged sound is iconic and spans multiple genres. Everyone knows about tracks like “Fortunate Son” and “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”. But what about their lesser-known hits? Let’s take a look at some John Fogerty deep cuts from Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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1. “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

“Wrote A Song For Everyone” is a real testament to Fogerty’s songwriting depth and emotional resonance. Released on their 1969 album Green River, the track marries poignant lyrics with a haunting melody. The song’s introspective tone and universal themes of longing and connection make it a standout John Fogerty deep cut. Megafans should definitely know this one!

2. “Ramble Tamble”

This opening track from CCR’s 1970 album Cosmo’s Factory is a masterclass in musical intensity. It’s over seven minutes long, which may be a bit much for some, but the song is a truly sonic journey through blistering guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and Fogerty’s raw vocals. It’s one of their “odyssey” archetype songs, and one that never gets old.

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3. “Pagan Baby”

This track from the 1970 album Pendulum is one of CCR’s (and John Fogerty’s) most underrated songs. CCR was a very versatile band when you think about it, and “Pagan Baby” is an excellent example of the band’s willingness to experiment with different musical styles without taking away from their established sound. It’s got elements of funk, Southern rock, and the folk-rock signature sound of CCR. Fogerty’s delivery on this track doesn’t disappoint, either.

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