3 Live Shows Every Nirvana Fan Should See

Nirvana at its 1990s height was perhaps the biggest band in the world. Combining Kurt Cobain’s good looks with his penchant for piercing poetry, the grunge band from Seattle became the peak of culture after their 1991 LP, Nevermind, hit shelves and videos from it hit MTV.

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But despite such acclaim and notoriety, the band didn’t tour that often. Heck the group wasn’t even around that often after Cobain died in 1994. Nevertheless, there are some excellent concerts from the band available on the social media site YouTube.

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So, dear reader, we wanted to highlight three of those shows here below. Indeed, these are three live shows every Nirvana fan should see (not counting the much beloved MTV Unplugged show).

1. Amsterdam (1991)

Is there anything better than hearing Nirvana play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” just as the song and album are cresting on the airwaves? For a band so buzzy and grungey, there is such a purity here in this 1991 show. Other songs in this set include “Polly,” “Lithium” and “Come As You Are.” It’s a veritable greatest hits show, which you can check out here below.

2. Seattle (1993)

When burgeoning Seattle rocker Mia Zapatta was murdered in the city in July of 1993, many mourned. And in the wake of her killing, bands from the city organized a benefit for her. Amazingly, Nirvana, at the peak of its fame, was there to help the cause. Fans can see the 30-plus minute set from the group here below, which includes songs like “Milk It” and “Aneurysm.” It’s not the best quality of a recording, but it’s an incredible artifact, to be sure.

3. Tallahassee (1993)

This show, which comes mere months before Cobain died in April of 1994, shows the band toward the end of its run. The band plays dozens of tracks from its catalog, including “Come As You Are,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Pennyroyal Tea” and “All Apologies.” It’s one of the last time fans got a chance to see the group, so check out the concert from Florida here below.

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