3 of the Best Country Music Friendships

The music industry is often rife with drama, big egos, public beefs, and strictly-business relationships. So, it’s nice to see that a few big stars in the country music world have truly genuine friendships with one another. And some of them have been friends for decades. Let’s look at a few of the best country music friendships that are still going strong today!

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1. Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings unfortunately passed away in 2002, but his friendship with Willie Nelson was strong up until the end. Some even described them as “an old married couple” since they loved to disagree on things. Their heartwarming friendship was a refreshing reminder that some friendships can survive constant bickering, and maybe even thrive on it.

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2. Kane Brown & Chris Young

I mean… they even have a song called “Famous Friends”. These famously friendly country stars won an award for “Famous Friends” back in 2021 for Collaboration of the Year. And surprisingly, their friendship started with Kane being a bit of a fanboy when it came to Young. He even covered his songs a few times before they actually met and became friends.

3. Blake Shelton & Reba McEntire

According to a number of sources and even other country music celebrities, Reba McEntire is very easy to love. So it’s no surprise that Blake Shelton developed a close friendship with her, starting quite a while before their time together as coaches on The Voice. Shelton said that Reba helped him out back in 2009 to get some exposure. Their sweet friendship only deepened with their mutual involvement with The Voice.

“If there’s ever a time she can lend a hand, she’s always been that for me,” Shelton said of Reba.

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